KLB GROUP Canada appoints Bernard Voyer as a new director, strengthening the board as it drives the group’s international strategy

Bernard Voyer – one of the few explorers to go to both the North and South Poles and reach the summit of Everest – has joined the Board of Directors of KLB Group Canada, the project implementation specialists.




Explorer, committed mountaineer and sought-after speaker, Bernard Voyer has a record of over 30 years of expeditions and adventuring. His exceptional career has earned him numerous distinctions, including the title of Knight of the National Order of Quebec, Officer of the Order of Canada and a Knight of France’s Legion of Honour. Bernard Voyer, who was recognized in 2002 as one of the 50 greatest Canadians of the past 50 years, is an example of implementation in action. His adventures align with KLB Group’s own culture of entrepreneurship and our values of performance, responsibility and pragmatism.

KLB Group has operated in Canada for 10 years, based in Montreal, implementing numerous international projects.

"It is with great pleasure that I have accepted the invitation to join KLB Group’s board of directors, as we have a shared vision and common set of values – such as committing to make a difference for customers.
KLB Group’s entrepreneurial spirit and leadership resonate particularly well with me as an explorer and mountaineer: they aim for the summit, for excellence, and ensure that they have the right expertise to get there, while having the flexibility to adapt to even the most unpredictable of situations.”

Bernard Voyer




30 seconds of implementation!

What does project implementation mean? Watch Flavien KULAWIK, CEO & co-founder of KLB Group, answers this question in 30 seconds.

KLB Group becomes new Global Sports Innovation Center partner!

Since September 2015, KLB Group becomes new Global Sports Innovation Center expert partner in Public Financiation of R&D and Innovation.



Global Sports Innovation Center (GSIC), located in Madrid and powered by Microsoft, is an unprecedented collaborative project between public, private & academic sectors that aims to promote innovation in the sport industry as a key factor in job creation and growth. GSIC has received an initial investment of 17 million euros and its objective is propel new business opportunities, developing and promoting collaborative technology solutions for the industries of sports, health, fitness and Sports events. GSIC needed to have an expert partner in the area of Innovation Financing to reach national and international grants and finance innovative projects, activities and investments. KLB Group then becomes GSIC reference partner for getting R&D public funds. In detail, KLB Group advises, defines and implements the optimal strategy for public funding and tax savings of activities, technological and innovative projects and investments both in the projects of the Center and partners in their own activities.  

This one year collaboration is win-win situation for every stakeholder: GSIC will offer value added services to its members, KLB Group will know about new projects and companies linked to innovation in the Sport industry, and partners of GSIC will have an expert support to monetize all its R&D and innovative activities.


Visit the Global Sports Innovation Center website