Managing a very complex modernization/industrial upgrade project


Downstream Industrial



Managing the modernization of a Vacuum Distillation Unit (VDU) in a refinery with a heavy focus on security.


Our end client, the owner of the refinery, needed to upgrade a VDU in their refiner. Efficient planning for the project was critical, as it had to be done without stopping production, in a very high-risk environment. Safety was the number one priority. To successfully carry out the project, a highly specialized team needed to be mobilized in a very short period of time. Project stakes were high, as the potential risks of project failure were substantial, from both a financial and security  viewpoint.


KLB teamed up with a global engineering contractor to deliver a team of 20 engineers, in charge of construction management and direct supervision of the civil, mechanical, electrical and instrumentation work carried out by project contractors, with a special focus on safety.

Daily meetings with project contractors and the client were organized, in order to manage the advancement of the construction and to follow up with project milestones. Follow ups included the regular monitoring and check ups of  quantities and project advancement.

Strong attention was paid to the relationship management with other construction experts involved in the project, in order to avoid interferences between the different contractors, and correct or align them when necessary.


  • KLB’s team of 20 consultants successfully carried out the project, while respecting the given deadlines and budget without any accidents