du droit du travail

Properly manage a subsea project whileby being 100% compliant with labour laws


Subsea Activities


Managing a large team (>25) thanks to solid internal processes


The client was facing potential fees and penalties, sometimes as much as millions per day, if the team was not operational on time and in compliance with the law.


We provided a highly specialized solution thanks to the work of our team of international recruiters, allowing us to provide our client with access to a large knowledge database and skills network. Furthermore, our reliable tools and processes were useful in managing the recruitment and teams in accordance with laws and regulations.
Many of the staff hired for the project wished  to officially join the KLB team at the end, due to our diligence and compliance with labour laws and  overall improved job security.


  • 25 people were recruited within 5 weeks, including deck crane operators, riggers, doctors, marine captains, motormen, seamen, electricians, safety officers, etc.
  • The project was never delayed or put on hold due to a lack of required staff.