and quality requirements

Optimise the purchases of spare parts, while meeting tight deadlines




Provide expertise in the procurement of spare parts in order to indentify improvements in the client’s supply chain.



Reduce costs while meeting the high quality and thight deadline requirements impsoed by specific nature of the product (sports car).


KLB Group provided its expertise and knowledge of the automotive market, by offering the customer innovative and implementable solutions. The KLB Group team proposed a material change, validated by the Quality and Compliance teams (certifications and regulatory contraints), which generated considerable savings while complying with the major constraints of the customers. A design to cost programme was implemented to increase productivity. Negociations were also carried out with suppliers to avoid price increases.


  • 20% savings due to material changes 
  • 6% decrease in the scrap rate of materials
  • Design to cost programme : 10 % savings for all procurement families concerned
  • Negociations to avoid supplier price increases: price freeze for a 2 year period