KLB Group Greeting Card 2019

KLB Group wishes you a wonderful 2019!

KLB Group joins ELITE, the London Stock Exchange Group Programme!

KLB Group joins ELITE, the Programme for London Stock Exchange Group’s international business support programme for ambitious and fast growing companies.

(ENG Subtitles) – Jean-Marc LE BRETON ‘s speech, 20 years of KLB Group, 17 & 18 September 2016

"20 years is a long time. But we still have the feeling that we are at the start of the journey, there are many things that we want to do".

Full video – Smart Implementors Weekend

1996 – 2016 – We were happy to celebrate our 20th anniversary of implementation that gathered 300 of our European colleagues together! Watch the amazing video!

TEASER – Smart Implementors Week-end

300 people from Spain, UK and France were there to share convivial moments to celebrate KLB Group… Wonderful!

30 seconds of implementation!

What does project implementation mean? Watch Flavien KULAWIK, CEO & co-founder of KLB Group, answers this question in 30 seconds.

10th anniversary of KLB Group setting up in Montreal!

Flavien KULAWIK, CEO & co-founder of KLB Group, traces the beautiful history of KLB Group in Canada.

“What does “good implementation” mean in concrete terms?”

Flavien KULAWIK, CEO et co-founder of KLB Group, answers the following question: "What does “good implementation” mean in concrete terms?"

The Hydroptere preparing the implementation of the Transpacific record

Beautiful images of l'Hydroptère preparing the implementation of the new record of the Transpacific, flying off Los Angeles !


Discover the last KLB Group event in Shanghai – 4 March 2015

KLB Group

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