Finance and accounting

Manage your accounting and financial processes

Beyond generating financial statements and monitoring indicators, the Finance and Accounting role now includes other targets:

  • Optimization of accounts closing processes
  • Improvement to the quality of primary information
  • Preparation of the mapping of operational risks and monitoring of internal/operational control
  • Harmonization of the rules of operational/financial management and documentation
  • Achieving productivity gains and cost reduction
  • Creation of Shared-Services Centres (SSC)
  • Assistance in change
  • Integration of new organizations during operations and internal/external growth

KLB Group, your partner in implementing your Finance and Accounting projects

Since 2007, KLB Group has conducted some 50 projects in the field of finance and accounting.
We support our customers in solving their operational problems, management problems, or in transforming their finance and accounting roles.
For each project, we mobilize the entire set of experiences, knowledge, methods and tools of KLB Group.
The combination of skills and know-how is adapted to each of their challenges.

Our service can be adapted to SMEs, ETIs and large firms, as well as their industry, to improve efficiency.

Examples of operational projects

  • Reinforcement of operational controls
  • Reduction of response times
  • Improved working capital of clients
  • Participation in the ICP —Internal Control Plan— and review of the roles and responsibilities (segregation of duties)
  • Participation in the Chairman’s audit report
  • Improved cash flow and the DSO
  • Support during a change of ERP
  • Monitoring of complaints and resolution of disputes with customers
  • Support regarding payment terms to suppliers
  • Preparation of reports for review by auditors
  • Management of property, plant and equipment
  • Transition team when implementing an SSC

Examples of management and transformation projects

  • Creating an SSC
  • Harmonization and implementation of key indicators, dashboards, performance/quality indicators
  • Improved productivity and performance
  • Drafting of operational methodologies and procedures guidebooks
  • Establishing a performance monitoring methodology (visual management, Lean/5S method)
  • Improved governance
  • Reduction of fraud risk
  • Quality improvements
  • Improved relationship with customers/suppliers
  • Setting up electronic management of accounting documents


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KLB Group and finance:

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Mobilized teams ranging from 2 to 150 people

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