Optimize your profitability through effective quality management

Bringing a company to life and developing it necessarily involves a search for the satisfaction of your customers. What value does a business have without its customers?
In a tense economic and competitive environment, supply is often much higher than demand and it becomes increasingly difficult to convince customers.

To achieve this, organization and effective operation are essential.

It is very difficult to be competitive if there are internal dysfunctions, if procedures are poorly implemented, if the controls are unsafe, if the organization does not fit, if there are problems with suppliers, if the products are defective…

Furthermore, the complexity of the products and the regulatory constraints never cease to grow and quality teams must often adapt to new challenges on a daily basis.

Thus, quality management is essential to the continued success of the company.


KLB Group, your partner in implementing your quality projects

With KLB Group, reduce your risks, guarantee your projects, and improve your profitability:

  • Optimize the management of your suppliers with an adapted and flexible team throughout the entire product life cycle.
  • Participate in product innovation by playing a proactive role with R&D teams.
  • Accelerate product launches through a fast and flexible qualification of the products.
  • Support your partners to ensure they are up to your quality standards.
  • Implement a set of tools to monitor quality (internal/external).

KLB Group, specializing in Quality, supports your clients in the international arena by offering innovative solutions to ensure a high level of service.
KLB Group manages numerous international projects in demanding sectors (automotive, rail, aerospace, defence, pharmaceutical and cosmetics, etc.)
We intervene in all types of products (electronic, mechanical parts, plastic parts, casting, etc.) with the help of experts and rapidly mobilized multicultural teams.
Over 60 quality projects managed every year in collaboration with our clients in a variety of environments.

Examples of operational projects

  • Developing suppliers
  • Partial or complete outsourcing of the quality service
  • Participation in the development of products
  • Supplier audits
  • Supplier breach management
  • Establishment of a transitional team or service centre

Examples of management and transformation projects

  • Implementation of a quality management system
  • Preparation for quality certifications
  • Design of methodology for AQP/APQP audits
  • Definition of recipient organization
  • Supplier risk management
  • Skills development
  • Protection against supplier riskImplementation of quality indicators and performance monitoring
  • Optimization of quality management reference models


For more information in this sense: contact.ca@klbgroup.com



KLB Group and quality:

Over 130 projects managed

In France and internationally

Mobilized teams of one to ten collaborators

All sectors

Advisory and operations

Our clients have their say

« Thanks to its experience and responsiveness, KLB Group has supported us in tracking numerous electronic component suppliers based in China with whom we had problems with product stability. The challenges of the project were significant and KLB Group was able to assist these suppliers locally in implementing processes and tools, allowing us to guarantee our supplies. »

C.B, Valeo


« For several months, we have outsourced to KLB Group several supplier prequalification audits in order to increase flexibility and responsiveness. Thanks to their high level of expertise in the activity, they have become rapidly operational and have qualified the supplier base while respecting the initial terms. Its adapted business model has enabled us to guarantee the products we deliver, giving us full transparency. »

Alstom Transport