Maxime Le Bidois is appointed Global Head of Success Fee Solutions and Partner of KLB Group

KLB Group, the specialist of project implementation for businesses and public sector, announces the appointment of Maxime Le Bidois as Global Head of Success Fee Solutions of KLB Group and Partner. 


 Maxime Le BidoisHe was previously the Global Head of Gain Sharing Projects Business Unit, and succeeds Jean-Marc Le Breton who is refocusing his activities on the general management of KLB Group and its strategic approaches.  

On an international scale, Maxime Le Bidois adds the Business Units of Innovation Financing, Gain Sharing Projects and Small & Medium Enterprises to his scope of action for the Success Fee Solutions business unit, which are mainly active in France, Spain and Brazil. 

Maxime Le Bidois joined KLB Group in 2010 as the Gain Sharing Projects Business Unit manager, before taking over in France in 2012, and subsequently on a global level in 2015. 

In this position he succeeds Jean-Marc Le Breton, co-founder and CEO of KLB Group since 1995.

He is an member of the Executive Commitee and today also becomes Partner.

Maxime Le Bidois is 38 years old and a graduate of CESEM (Euromed) and the University of Westminster.