Aeronautics and space

Stay competitive in a context of strong acceleration and increasing customer demands

The aeronautics market is based on a significant number of orders for civil aviation. Shared-risk joint venture contracts have increased among leading construction engineers and suppliers, which has had a strong impact on their ability to finance their R&D and profitability.
In addition, orders from emerging economies are often accompanied by a locally-based strategy, forcing industry players to globalize their presence and partnerships.

In a context in which innovation and cost reduction have become obligations (simplification of aircraft, reducing fuel consumption, reducing the carbon footprint, etc.), the survival of sector players involves the constant search for savings and an adaptability by the organization to challenges in the medium and long term.
The major challenges that industry players face are:

  • maintaining strong R&D with a controlled ROI
  • developing their service offering to construction engineers and airlines
  • integrating suppliers and subcontractors within their innovation policy
  • improving the profitability of their programs

KLB Group assists you in implementing your transformation projects and undertaking your operational projects

Since 1995, KLB Group supports its clients in the aeronautical industry (construction engineers, systems manufacturers, component manufacturers, subcontractors and suppliers) in their transformation projects and in the implementation of operational projects with special emphasis on purchasing, supply chain, production, finance and commercial aspects.


Operations Management and transformation
Supply Manufacture or buy
Investments Industrial strategy
Purchasing projects Competitiveness program
Product development Cost reduction plan
Supplier risk management Definition of recipient organization
Monitoring of outsourcing Search for productivity
Quality management Skills development
Insourcing de Shared services achat/finance/SC/qualité Internationalization of shared services in purchasing/finance/supply chain/quality
  Optimization of the supply chain



For each project, we mobilize the entire set of experiences, knowledge, methods and tools of KLB Group.
The combination of skills and know-how is suited to each of the challenges.
During the last ten years, we have managed around 240 projects.
Our speed of intervention, our expertise in the industry, our experts, our methods and our business model allow our customers to get a return on their investment equivalent to 5-10 times the investment amount.
To respond to customer problems, we propose business models aligned with each situation: fixed price, success fees, performance-related pay, etc.

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KLB Group and the aviation industry:

45 clients
240 projects
International projects
Profits from 5 to 10%