Operational projects

Guarantee your operational projects!

You are the director of a project, director of an operational unit or head of a support team.

You are responsible for a project or for a project portfolio.

You must ensure an optimal skills mix for each project to guarantee its successful implementation but:


  • You are not an expert in the required specialties
  • You cannot hire the specialists necessary in the short-term 
  • You will be setting up in a new country and do not know how to hire locally
  • You must keep costs at the lowest level possible
  • You must absorb peaks in workload
  • You are unable to hire the profiles you seek
  • Somebody has abruptly left your team
  • You simply do not want to have to worry about resource issues

You are seeking a flexible solution to ensure the implementation of your project or project portfolio.


KLB Group is the ideal partner to ensure the implementation of your operational projects!

Whatever the project, we mobilize:

The optimal skills mix to build a multidisciplinary project team to perfectly complement your project team: engineers, buyers, logisticians, quality professionals, financial controllers, etc.
Very quickly. You will be amazed at our rapid ability to form the best team.
Adaptable at any time: we quickly adapt the team size depending on your needs.
Worldwide: we send our teams anywhere in the world and we can hire locally.

Examples of operational projects

  • Design and strength testing of metal parts within the framework of a metro project in Brazil for a manufacturer of railway components
  • Protection of contracts and relationships with external partners under the framework of a spin-off operation within Europe for a manufacturer of telecommunications components
  • IT infrastructure and software purchasing management for an international bank
  • Qualification and development of metal parts suppliers in the European area for an industrial firm
  • Engineering of the pipes and the resistance of an offshore structure for an oil operator
  • Establishing a benchmark qualification for suppliers of special processes for a manufacturer of automotive components

For more information in this sense: contact.ca@klbgroup.com

KLB Group and operational projects:

Over 1000 projects

From 1 to 50 employees per project

Projects from 3 months up to 1 year

In 50 countries