Organizational transition

In order to succeed in the organizational transition project, it is necessary, above all, to succeed in the transition phase

During the phases of organizational transition, many questions are raised: What teams need to be created? What knowledge must be used? What management must be implemented? Which tools must be deployed?

You need an agile and flexible solution that suits the pace of your transition and takes into account the reality on the ground to be tackled. We are convinced that there is a gap between theoretical design and operational reality, and that the success of the project depends on overcoming this gap.


KLB Group, your partner in ensuring the success of your organizational transition

We support our customers in resolving their transition challenges throughout the country and internationally.
Our projects are conducted in a number of different environments:

  • creation of shared-services centres
  • centralization/decentralization of functions
  • change or harmonization of information systems
  • merger/demerger
  • changes in methods and processes 

These structural projects involve major organizational changes. Our intervention allows you more time to manage these changes in the best way possible, particularly as regards the human resources involved, while benefiting from an operational contribution adapted to the pace of your project.
We will offer you a flexible solution that will allow you to have a good team available at the right time, with dedicated management and monitoring tools tailored to each project.

Project examples

  • Establishment of financial transition teams in situ, formed of between 5 and 150 collaborators
  • Operational management of the entrusted tasks (accounting, supply, hotline, referential, tests, etc.)
  • Transfer batch preparation (operating methodologies, processes, reports, etc.)
  • Management of convergence of processes and operating methodologies
  • Creation of tools to monitor activity (dashboards, KPIs, reports, etc.)

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Our transition projects: :

We have conducted more than 80 projects in 11 countries with teams that can have up to 150 collaborators for financial and accounting management, IT, procurement, supply, advisory and operational