Why KLB Group?

Four good reasons to join us


1.Access exciting projects!

At KLB Group, we believe that our first mission is to find exciting projects in environments that pose challenges and allow you to grow. You will be proud of your mission and your added value.!

2. Boost your professional career

Our ambition is to promote skills development. Your technical skills, but also your analytical and interpersonal skills, and above all, your Smart Implementor skills, i.e. your capacity to act, implement and overcome difficulties.!
Our students say that their years at KLB Group count for double. You will learn twice as fast: you will progress quickly within the company or leave KLB Group having held certain responsibilities for which you typically need twice as much seniority.

3. Form part of a very friendly group!

You will join a competent, dynamic and friendly team. You will enjoy your exchanges with your colleagues, whether they are of a technical nature or in more informal settings, such as while having a drink, at a club, at training sessions or at internal events. KLB Group has a start-up atmosphere, with a straightforward and pragmatic style of management, and we do not like formalities. All collaborators treat their bosses as equals.

4. The power of the network

Our students form an influential and powerful network that allows access to information and an exchange of views. Five years' experience at KLB Group is not only valued for the KLB Group's reputation of operational efficiency, but also represents an opportunity to forge ties with competent and seasoned professionals in order to assume important responsibilities. A network that we cultivate, so much so that many of our students end up becoming customers.!


KLB Group's CSR initiatives

Aware of businesses' impact on the environment and the role that they can play as an agent of change in civil society, in 2009 KLB Group launched the eKiLiBre program, which aims to bring together the various environmental, social and economic actions carried out within the framework of the group's CSR policy.

On a daily basis, on all its projects and missions, KLB Group undertakes to communicate the values ​​that form the DNA of the group: pragmatism, efficiency and responsibility.



Environmental protection:

In July 2010, KLB Group signed the Global Compact,, an initiative promoted by the UN in July 2000. The companies and organisations signing this agreement, from the world of work and civil society, undertake to align their operations and strategies with ten universal principles concerning human rights, labour standards, the environment and the fight against corruption.
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Diversity and equal opportunities:

KLB Group has also signed the Diversity Charter, to promote pluralism within the organisation and seek diversity through For five years, to demonstrate its commitment to diversity, KLB Group has organised the disabled persons employment week, raising awareness among its collaborators in an entertaining format.



Aid to non-political associations:

                                  KLB Group also helps non-political associations that fight for just causes through specific actions.
                                  CSR project: completion of the food collection for Restos du Coeur


KLB Group worldwide


Experts in taxation and financing of research, development, innovation and the environment: consulting, implementation and results


In the current economic climate, companies are aware of the need to reduce financial costs and taxes on their investments in the areas of R&D and the environment. This is why the company should, now more than ever, be familiar with and use the various subsidies that government bodies make available to them.


The optimal management of the subsidies for research, development and innovation of your business depends on the expertise of KLB Group and its three main foundations:

  • R&D versus IT: thorough knowledge of the laws and their interpretations.
  • APPROACH AND ADMINISTRATIONS: experience in the core issues, the format, the administrative procedures and the persons responsible.
  •   QUALITY AND MANAGEMENT: planning, tools and optimisation of savings.

KLB Group, your partner in managing tax incentives and financial subsidies for R&D and the environment


For over 15 years, KLB Group has led the following tax incentives and financial subsidies:

Tax deductions, Patent Box, Social Security discounts for research staff, administrative subsidies, R&D UNE 166.002 management system


PRODUCT R&D deductions Optimisation of the deduction base
METHOD R&D deductions ENAC Certification (AENOR, ACIE, EQA, etc.)
ICT R&D deductions Management of reasoned reports
LOGISTICS R&D deductions Monetisation of payments under the law relating to employers
National Patent Box Identification, quantification and valuation of intangible assets
International Patent Box Defence before the tax authority
Social Security discounts for research staff Identifying activities and researchers. Quantifying monthly savings
State Aid Request, justification and collections management
European Aid Horizon 2020
R&D management system Definition of management procedures and manuals



Our added value:

  • a team of engineers, economists and tax experts
  • Experts in tax optimisation through identification of complex R&D
  •    Knowledge of the procedures and management of Government Agencies
  • Certification of research staff
  • Calculation of estimated tax savings per quarter
  • Strong expertise in fiscal controls
  •    More than two hundred companies have placed their trust in us
  •    Remuneration according to the funding received and the savings made
  •   Development of internal tools to manage their R&D projects


For more information in this sense: contact.fr@klbgroup.com

Supply Chain

The challenge of your Supply Chain Management: How to present yourself according to the actual needs of current and future customers?


As a distributor, you want to maximise revenue from your network while minimising costs.
As an industry, you want to maximise the performance of your operations to increase competitiveness.
Whatever your industry, you are increasingly required to become more agile.
How to provide the service and at the same time allow the development of new services?
How to strengthen the innovation capacity of your supply chain?

How to adapt your logistics schemes without increasing costs to support your geographical development or that of your customers?

The instruments that must be activated to transform your supply chain and control costs relate to all the processes linked to operations.
The main issues that must be addressed are as follows:

  •    Purchasing performance: How to monitor supplier performance? Which sourcing strategy?
  • Industrial performance: How to improve productivity? How to optimise availability without increasing stocks? How to reduce maintenance costs? How to make your forecasts more reliable?
  •   Logistics performance: How to design an agile distribution network? How to optimise logistics operations?
  • Customer performance: Which service policy? How to optimise the processes of the cycle from order to collection? How to raise customer satisfaction?


KLB Group, your partner in addressing the value chain as a whole and all of your problems with the supply chain

We can support you in all your supply chain projects.
Deeply transform your supply chain to reduce costs, optimise cash flow and improve customer service.
Take on the entire operational project to allow the supply chain to serve your internal clients.
We do not just perform a diagnosis, but rather our deep and operational knowledge of the instruments that can be activated allow us to quickly identify the challenges and propose an efficient roadmap.
Nous ne nous limitons pas à battre la cadence pour accompagner la mise en œuvre.
We implement together with the client to transform the organisation from the inside out.
We can provide —at any time and anywhere in the world— the right combination of expertise to complement your own teams.

Our strengths:

  •   A working knowledge of the tools to optimise the Supply and Purchasing Chain
  •   Techniques for analysing and improving information flows and physical processes
  •     A very high competition in cost modelling and in the quantified analysis of the activities
  • Teams of advisors and operators who may intervene anywhere in the world and in many sectors


Project examples

  • Industrial restructuring schemes
  •   Streamlining of logistics activities and implementation of KPIs
  • Optimisation of warehouses
  • Outsourcing of logistics operations
  • Stock optimisation
  • Lean Management of Process Implementation
  • Conducting transport public tenders and implementation
  • Optimisation of logistics flows


Currently, the marketing and business functions are open to the world to address key strategic challenges and, at the same time, to manage increasingly limited budgets


Digital strategies, smart data, strength of design, performance measurement, outsourcing… The multiplication of tools in the marketing and sales departments, customer trends and the demands of general management with regard to return on investment now forces these managers to adopt new operational methodologies and open up to the world in order to meet their challenges.

After a period of prosperity the financial crisis struck, while the Internet and now the pressure to deliver real perceived value and dynamic management have been strongly felt:

  •     Systematic monitoring of the impact of marketing actions
  • Cross-cutting and transparent operation with internal and external partners (purchasing, sales, agencies, etc.)
  • Expertise in all facets of marketing
  •   Control of costs and budget contraction
  •    Pressures to outsource the sales force

However, as always, all of these changes provide great opportunities for those who know how to turn a good understanding of the activity into relevant actions.

To do this, they must rely on external partners who possess some real expertise in the activity that combines the use of appropriate tools with control of overall costs.


KLB Group supports you in implementing your transformation projects


Since 1995, KLB Group supports marketing roles (customer marketing, trade marketing, agencies, subcontractors) in their transformation projects and in the implementation of operational projects with a particular emphasis on performance measurement, control of costs and innovation.

Project examples

Supply Streamlining of ranges
Manufacture or buy Business reorganisation
Investissements Marketing strategy
Purchasing projects Cost reduction plan
Product development Definition of recipient organisation
Supplier risk management Assistance in the project management of information systems
Monitoring of outsourcing Search for productivity
Shared services in purchasing/finance/supply chain/quality; Skills development
  Implementation of shared-services centres


For each project we mobilise the entire set of experiences, knowledge, methods and tools of KLB Group.

The combination of skills and know-how is suited to each of the challenges.

During the past 10 years, we have managed around 100 projects, we have obtained savings worth billions of dollars for our clients and we have generated profits of between 5% and 10%.

Our speed of intervention, our expertise in the industry, our experts, our methods and our business model allow our customers get a return on their investment equivalent to 5-10 times the investment amount.

To respond to customer problems, we propose business models aligned with each situation: fixed price, success fees, performance-related pay, etc.

For more information in this sense: contact.fr@klbgroup.com



KLB Group et les fonctions marketing c’est :

64 clients

132 projets

21 experts

1 Md$ d’économies

5-10% de résultat dégagé 

Sylvie Noël, purchasing manager of Covéa looks back at his collaboration with KLB Group

In an evolving environment and subject to increased competition, KLB Group supports COVEA in its strategy towards the single company and its adaptation through innovation.