Experts in taxation and financing of research, development, innovation and the environment: consulting, implementation and results


In the current economic climate, companies are aware of the need to reduce financial costs and taxes on their investments in the areas of R&D and the environment. This is why the company should, now more than ever, be familiar with and use the various subsidies that government bodies make available to them.


The optimal management of the subsidies for research, development and innovation of your business depends on the expertise of KLB Group and its three main foundations:

  • R&D versus IT: thorough knowledge of the laws and their interpretations.
  • APPROACH AND ADMINISTRATIONS: experience in the core issues, the format, the administrative procedures and the persons responsible.
  •   QUALITY AND MANAGEMENT: planning, tools and optimisation of savings.

KLB Group, your partner in managing tax incentives and financial subsidies for R&D and the environment


For over 15 years, KLB Group has led the following tax incentives and financial subsidies:

Tax deductions, Patent Box, Social Security discounts for research staff, administrative subsidies, R&D UNE 166.002 management system


PRODUCT R&D deductions Optimisation of the deduction base
METHOD R&D deductions ENAC Certification (AENOR, ACIE, EQA, etc.)
ICT R&D deductions Management of reasoned reports
LOGISTICS R&D deductions Monetisation of payments under the law relating to employers
National Patent Box Identification, quantification and valuation of intangible assets
International Patent Box Defence before the tax authority
Social Security discounts for research staff Identifying activities and researchers. Quantifying monthly savings
State Aid Request, justification and collections management
European Aid Horizon 2020
R&D management system Definition of management procedures and manuals



Our added value:

  • a team of engineers, economists and tax experts
  • Experts in tax optimisation through identification of complex R&D
  •    Knowledge of the procedures and management of Government Agencies
  • Certification of research staff
  • Calculation of estimated tax savings per quarter
  • Strong expertise in fiscal controls
  •    More than two hundred companies have placed their trust in us
  •    Remuneration according to the funding received and the savings made
  •   Development of internal tools to manage their R&D projects


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Supply Chain

The challenge of your Supply Chain Management: How to present yourself according to the actual needs of current and future customers?


As a distributor, you want to maximise revenue from your network while minimising costs.
As an industry, you want to maximise the performance of your operations to increase competitiveness.
Whatever your industry, you are increasingly required to become more agile.
How to provide the service and at the same time allow the development of new services?
How to strengthen the innovation capacity of your supply chain?

How to adapt your logistics schemes without increasing costs to support your geographical development or that of your customers?

The instruments that must be activated to transform your supply chain and control costs relate to all the processes linked to operations.
The main issues that must be addressed are as follows:

  •    Purchasing performance: How to monitor supplier performance? Which sourcing strategy?
  • Industrial performance: How to improve productivity? How to optimise availability without increasing stocks? How to reduce maintenance costs? How to make your forecasts more reliable?
  •   Logistics performance: How to design an agile distribution network? How to optimise logistics operations?
  • Customer performance: Which service policy? How to optimise the processes of the cycle from order to collection? How to raise customer satisfaction?


KLB Group, your partner in addressing the value chain as a whole and all of your problems with the supply chain

We can support you in all your supply chain projects.
Deeply transform your supply chain to reduce costs, optimise cash flow and improve customer service.
Take on the entire operational project to allow the supply chain to serve your internal clients.
We do not just perform a diagnosis, but rather our deep and operational knowledge of the instruments that can be activated allow us to quickly identify the challenges and propose an efficient roadmap.
Nous ne nous limitons pas à battre la cadence pour accompagner la mise en œuvre.
We implement together with the client to transform the organisation from the inside out.
We can provide —at any time and anywhere in the world— the right combination of expertise to complement your own teams.

Our strengths:

  •   A working knowledge of the tools to optimise the Supply and Purchasing Chain
  •   Techniques for analysing and improving information flows and physical processes
  •     A very high competition in cost modelling and in the quantified analysis of the activities
  • Teams of advisors and operators who may intervene anywhere in the world and in many sectors


Project examples

  • Industrial restructuring schemes
  •   Streamlining of logistics activities and implementation of KPIs
  • Optimisation of warehouses
  • Outsourcing of logistics operations
  • Stock optimisation
  • Lean Management of Process Implementation
  • Conducting transport public tenders and implementation
  • Optimisation of logistics flows


Currently, the marketing and business functions are open to the world to address key strategic challenges and, at the same time, to manage increasingly limited budgets


Digital strategies, smart data, strength of design, performance measurement, outsourcing… The multiplication of tools in the marketing and sales departments, customer trends and the demands of general management with regard to return on investment now forces these managers to adopt new operational methodologies and open up to the world in order to meet their challenges.

After a period of prosperity the financial crisis struck, while the Internet and now the pressure to deliver real perceived value and dynamic management have been strongly felt:

  •     Systematic monitoring of the impact of marketing actions
  • Cross-cutting and transparent operation with internal and external partners (purchasing, sales, agencies, etc.)
  • Expertise in all facets of marketing
  •   Control of costs and budget contraction
  •    Pressures to outsource the sales force

However, as always, all of these changes provide great opportunities for those who know how to turn a good understanding of the activity into relevant actions.

To do this, they must rely on external partners who possess some real expertise in the activity that combines the use of appropriate tools with control of overall costs.


KLB Group supports you in implementing your transformation projects


Since 1995, KLB Group supports marketing roles (customer marketing, trade marketing, agencies, subcontractors) in their transformation projects and in the implementation of operational projects with a particular emphasis on performance measurement, control of costs and innovation.

Project examples

Supply Streamlining of ranges
Manufacture or buy Business reorganisation
Investissements Marketing strategy
Purchasing projects Cost reduction plan
Product development Definition of recipient organisation
Supplier risk management Assistance in the project management of information systems
Monitoring of outsourcing Search for productivity
Shared services in purchasing/finance/supply chain/quality; Skills development
  Implementation of shared-services centres


For each project we mobilise the entire set of experiences, knowledge, methods and tools of KLB Group.

The combination of skills and know-how is suited to each of the challenges.

During the past 10 years, we have managed around 100 projects, we have obtained savings worth billions of dollars for our clients and we have generated profits of between 5% and 10%.

Our speed of intervention, our expertise in the industry, our experts, our methods and our business model allow our customers get a return on their investment equivalent to 5-10 times the investment amount.

To respond to customer problems, we propose business models aligned with each situation: fixed price, success fees, performance-related pay, etc.

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KLB Group et les fonctions marketing c’est :

64 clients

132 projets

21 experts

1 Md$ d’économies

5-10% de résultat dégagé 

From purchase to payment

Control your flows (PtoP) from purchase to payment.

The flow from purchase to payment (PtoP) can be confusing, even for the most experienced companies,
as it encompasses different families of activities, mainly supplies and purchasing on the one hand
and finance on the other.

The challenge for companies is to understand the flow of PtoP in its entirety to:

  •   Guarantee implementation of the purchasing policy
  •   Control the commitments of the Finance dept.
  •   Increase the fluidity of the payments to suppliers and guarantee them
  • Streamline the processes
  • Improve the quality of data
  • Increase productivity
  •   Improve the quality of the service to internal customers and suppliers
  • Support change


KLB Group, your partner in implementing your PtoP projects

From the optimisation of supplies to the organisation of finance, we control the PtoP flow in its entirety. Our positioning will allow you to gain efficiency throughout the entire value chain, from submission of an order to payment.

We support our clients in all their operational issues, management issues or in order to transform their organisations in the area of PtoP.

For each project we mobilise the entire set of experiences, knowledge, methods and tools of KLB Group.


Expert knowledge

Controlling your PtoP flow enables an improved control of costs and generates significant benefits for the company. It is essential to manage this flow as a whole. This approach involves confronting a major challenge, i.e. the convergence of the different families of this flow: purchasing / supply / finance, taking into account the priorities of each.!

The combination of skills and know-how is adapted to each of their challenges.

Our offering can be adapted to the size and sector of activity to control your PtoP processes and gain
in efficiency


Examples of operational projects

Internalisation of a supply and accounting SSC
Specific supplementary teams
Backlog management
Applications testing
Management of catalogues and supplier bases
Supplier hotline


Examples of management and transformation projects

Conception/improved organisation of PtoP
Management of references (MDM)
Establishment of a supply and accounting SSC
Auditing/establishment of references
Harmonisation and implementation of new processes for handling the demands of purchases and orders
Harmonisation and optimisation of the processing of supplier invoices
Change management (training and communication) with interested parties on validation and reception workflow issues
Payment optimisation
Dematerialisation of documents
IT and tools auditing

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KLB Group and PtoP:

Over 150 projects managed

In France and internationally

Teams mobilised between 1 and 150 collaborators

All sectors

Advisory and operations

Information systems

Eliminate increased costs and simultaneously amplify innovation: the challenge of ISD for the next decade

The need for information systems is increasing: appearance of opportunities and new uses, merger-acquisition operations, dematerialisation of flows, development of the company's offering.

IT budgets are stagnating, or even falling, and the only way to meet the requirement is to seek an increased build/run ratio (currently 35%) to bring it closer to 50%.

In this context, ISDs face new challenges:

  • Controlling Run inflation: in the face of increasingly tight budgets, ISDs must constantly make budget decisions. Permanent Run inflation represents an increasingly significant hindrance to the implementation of projects..
  •   Controlling risks: in the heart of the company's operations, the IT system must have flawless performance in terms of service continuity and security.
  • Innovate in order to contribute to growth: in the digital age, information systems have become the main vector for innovation, a competitive advantage that generates turnover and growth.


Our plan 5.0.20 is a comprehensive approach that powers the following levers:

  • Structure and optimise the ISD's service offering: shared-services centres, service catalogues structured into activity units, recovery through the ABC method (activity-based costing). Apply the same approach to services purchasing.
  • Anticipate, monitor and measure the profitability of projects and investments: business plans of projects, TCO (total cost of ownership) of investments, value analysis.
  • Optimise the management of the assets of the ISD: choose between rent or buy, rigorous management of licences, critical approach to version changes imposed by publishers, obsolescence forecast, etc.
  •   Consider innovative application solutions: adopting the best solutions, often better adapted and less expensive than ERPs, for a more judicious use of specific developments.
  • Ensure rigorous contractual monitoring of complex projects: info-management, Cloud, SAAS, licence purchases, etc.
  • Establishing lasting partnerships: partnerships with publishers, clusters of clients, blended sourcing, management of rare skills, etc.
  • Managing risks with rigour: control of contractual risks, audit of project risks within the investment process, etc.


KLB GROUP, your partner in transforming the economy of your IT services

We support our customers in all their organisational problems, purchasing problems, management control and transformation of the IT role.

Project examples:


Operational support Transformation
Rigorous licence management and the optimisation thereof. Structuring the ISD and its offer around the SSC and catalogues of services
Preparation of a publisher compliance audit Implementation of ROI, TCO, ABC approaches, etc.
Technical-economic analysis of projects Structuring the ISD as profit centre (recovery/re-invoicing of services)
Preparation of innovative/complex investment decision dossiers Transformation towards innovative supply models: the best solutions, blended sourcing
Definition and implementation of a Buy or Rent purchasing policy Outsourcing of activities
Performing complex supply consultancy for contracting Performance of preliminary audits of projects and of formal investment processes
Risk audit and project review Establishment of purchasing teams/skills and management control
Choosing the ERP solution against the best solution Establishing partnerships with the publisher
Provision of a back-office cell for management and monitoring  



For each project we mobilise the entire set of experiences, knowledge, methods and tools of KLB Group. The combination of skills and know-how is suited to each of the challenges.

To respond to customer problems, we propose business models aligned with each situation: fixed price, success fees, performance-related pay, etc.

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To transform the ISD: the 5.0.20 plan

5 years

0 budget inflation

+20% for innovation

R&D and innovation



The integration of technology and commerce is an essential element in businesses' competitiveness. In other words, the technology applied to the business world makes no sense if not seen as a tool that should be seamlessly integrated within all the processes of the company.

Thus, companies must implement an innovative policy in which technology plays a strategic role starting from the design stage of the economic models, in order to evolve towards competitive, flexible and efficient structures. They must become "on request" companies that can respond and adapt to any changes, whether internal or in their area of competition.

We help to consolidate a range of new challenges and new business realities. We are entering a new era. These risks can be summarised as follows:

  • A high level of competitiveness
  • The constant appearance of changes and discontinuities and an increasingly rapid shortening of cycles
  • Large uncertainties and fluctuations hamper the ability of businesses to plan and achieve their business objectives
  • Increasingly important presence of risks and unforeseen threats as a factor that must be accepted and addressed proactively


These factors raise the issue of creating corporate value and the potential to survive and thrive in the new business environment in our society, which requires new approaches and new behaviours.

KLB Group, your partner in the management and financing of INNOVATION

Since its inception, KLB Group has supported companies in their innovation processes. Innovation is defined as the ability to transform the methods of businesses and create more competitive, more flexible and more effective structures.


  • How to reduce costs and, at the same time, improve the competitiveness and uniqueness of the company?


Tax incentives to R&D Implementation of an R&D management system
Development of a methodology and a manual
Propose guidelines to organise and manage R&D effectively Analyse the internal and external technological situation
Identify and assess the threats and opportunities for technological development
Set goals based on activities
Select and properly manage the R&D portfolio

Guarantee that activities that are likely to lead to proprietary technologies and patents are not lost


Technological advance and creativity
Internal and external analysis
Benchmarking (customers and competition)

Help to plan and control R&D activities


Contribution by EXPERTS to the various sectors of R&D
Management of R&D RESOURCES
Management of FINANCING subsidies
Recognition of the organisation in the market and society Obtaining official certificates
Strengthening of innovation as an essential factor in competitiveness
Encourage the use of ICT tools Development of project management tools



Our added value:


  • A team of engineers, economists and tax experts
  • We make our experts available to companies when and where needed
  •   Experts in tax optimisation through identification of complex R&D
  • Knowledge of the procedures and management of Government Agencies
  •   Certification of research staff
  • Calculation of estimated tax savings per quarter
  • Strong expertise in fiscal controls
  • More than two hundred companies have placed their trust in us
  • Remuneration according to the funding received and the savings made
  • Development of internal tools to manage their R&D projects


Optimise your profitability through effective quality management..                                                                     

Bringing a company to life and developing it necessarily involves a search for the satisfaction

of your customers. What value does a business have without its customers?


In a tense economic and competitive environment, supply is often much higher than demand

and it becomes increasingly difficult to convince customers.

To achieve this, organisation and effective operation are essential.


It is very difficult to be competitive if there are internal dysfunctions,

if procedures are poorly implemented, if the controls are unsafe, if the organisation does not fit, if there are problems with suppliers,

if the products are defective...

Furthermore, the complexity of the products and the regulatory constraints never cease to grow and quality teams must

often adapt to new challenges on a daily basis.

Thus, quality management is essential to the continued success of the company.


KLB Group, your partner in implementing your quality projects

With KLB Group, reduce your risks, guarantee your projects and improve your profitability:

  • Optimise the management of your suppliers with an adapted and flexible team throughout the entire product life cycle.
  • Participate in product innovation by playing a proactive role with R&D teams.
  • Accelerate product launches through a fast and flexible qualification of the products.
  •    Support your partners to ensure they are up to your quality standards.
  •   Implement a set of tools to monitor quality (internal/external).


KLB Group, specialising in Quality, supports your clients in the international arena by offering innovative solutions to ensure a high level of service.

KLB Group manages numerous international projects in demanding sectors (automotive, rail, aerospace, defence, pharmaceutical and cosmetics, etc.)

We intervene in all types of products (electronic, mechanical parts, plastic parts, casting, etc.) with the help of experts and rapidly mobilised multicultural teams.

Over 60 quality projects managed every year in collaboration with our clients in a variety of environments.


Examples of operational projects

Developing suppliers

Partial or complete outsourcing of the quality service

Participation in the development of products

Supplier audits

Supplier breach management

Establishment of a transitional team or service centre


Examples of management and transformation projects

Implementation of a quality management system

Preparation for quality certifications

Design of methodology for AQP/APQP audits

Definition of recipient organisation

Supplier risk management

Skills development

Protection against supplier risk

Implementation of quality indicators and performance monitoring

Optimisation of quality management reference models

KLB Group and quality::

Over 130 projects managed

In France and internationally

Mobilised teams of one to ten collaborators

All sectors

Advisory and operations

Our clients have their say

« Thanks to its experience and responsiveness, KLB Group has supported us in tracking numerous electronic component suppliers based in China with whom we had problems with product stability. The challenges of the project were significant and KLB Group was able to assist these suppliers locally in implementing processes and tools, allowing us to guarantee our supplies. »

C.B, Valeo


« For several months, we have outsourced to KLB Group several supplier prequalification audits in order to increase flexibility and responsiveness. Thanks to their high level of expertise in the activity, they have become rapidly operational and have qualified the supplier base while respecting the initial terms. Its adapted business model has enabled us to guarantee the products we deliver, giving us full transparency. »

Alstom Transport

Operational performance

Operational excellence: to advance your initiatives faster than the competition

Within the lifecycle of your products and services, in their geographical development and economic struggle, do you find yourself facing an increasingly difficult equation that demands more rapid changes than those which make it possible to obtain teams streamlined as closely as possible to operational requirements?
Organisations have always evolved to adapt to the context and constraints of their markets. The pace of change is getting faster. Taylorism was deployed for half a century; project management and management by target, for over several decades; and overall quality or Lean Management, for a matter of years. The arrival of successive revolutions caused by the Internet only serves to amplify the phenomenon.


Operational Excellence 3.0

There are numerous companies that entrust this challenge to a new strategic role responsible for performance, operational excellence and transformation.
But it is necessary to find new approaches to speed up and amplify performance improvements:

  • But it is necessary to find new approaches to speed up and amplify performance improvements:
  • through a more pragmatic management of availability and resource development
  •   through a systematic search for external instruments to accelerate the process
  •     by applying the best practices of start-ups to manage their projects


KLB Group, your partner in implementing your performance improvements

We support clients of all sizes and from various sectors —ETIs or large public operators— in accelerating their transformation through approaches that are radically different to the classical strategies of continuous improvement or strategic deployment.

  • We convert cooperative experience and learning into the engines of decision-making.
  • We deploy effective media strategies through effective management of scarce resources and the option of tactical outsourcing.
  • We develop swift methodologies for our customers to quickly implement new innovative practices.


The Lean start-up approach of KLB Group


The key word of these new approaches is adaptation on the ground. Our main contribution lies in the diversity of our solutions providing resources and skills:

  • Our experts are able to federate the networks of your business into internal start-ups.
  •    Our operating resources strengthen your projects, allowing them to come to fruition.
  • Our effective teams participate throughout the project to ensure the availability of margins for financial manoeuvre.


Finance and accounting

Manage your accounting and financial processes                                                               


Beyond generating financial statements and monitoring indicators, the Finance and

Accounting role now includes other targets:

  • Optimisation of accounts closing processes
  • Improvement to the quality of primary information
  • Preparation of the mapping of operational risks and monitoring of internal/operational control
  • Harmonisation of the rules of operational/financial management and documentation
  •   Achieving productivity gains and cost reduction
  • Creation of Shared-Services Centres (SSC)
  • Assistance in change
  •   Integration of new organisations during operations and internal/external growth    


KLB Group, your partner in implementing your Finance and Accounting projects

Since 2007, KLB Group has conducted some 50 projects in the field of finance and accounting.

We support our customers in solving their operational problems, management problems or in transforming their finance and accounting roles.

For each project we mobilise the entire set of experiences, knowledge, methods and tools of KLB Group.

The combination of skills and know-how is adapted to each of their challenges.


Our service can be adapted to SMEs, ETIs and large firms, as well as their industry, to improve efficiency.



Examples of operational projects

Reinforcement of operational controls

Reduction of response times

Improved working capital of clients

Participation in the ICP —Internal Control Plan— and review of the roles and responsibilities (segregation of duties)

Participation in the Chairman's audit report

Improved cash flow and the DSO

Support during a change of ERP

Monitoring of complaints and resolution of disputes with customers

Support regarding payment terms to suppliers

Preparation of reports for review by auditors

Management of property, plant and equipment

Transition team when implementing an SSC



Examples of management and transformation projects

Creating an SSC

Harmonisation and implementation of key indicators, dashboards, performance/quality indicators

Improved productivity and performance

Drafting of operational methodologies and procedures guidebooks

Establishing a performance monitoring methodology (visual management, Lean/5S method)

Improved governance

Reduction of fraud risk

Quality improvements

Improved relationship with customers/suppliers

Setting up electronic management of accounting documents

Setting up electronic management of accounting documents


For more information in this

KLB Group and finance:

15 projects managed per year

Advisory and operations

Mobilised teams ranging from 2 to 150 people

Projects managed in France and internationally


Reducing overall costs, risk management and contribution to growth: the challenges of the purchasing role for the next decade


The fundamental principles of the purchasing role —which are quality, costs and deadlines— are those monitored the most frequently.

But the contribution made by purchasing to the overall performance of the company is perceived and evaluated primarily in relation to the reduction of costs and expenses, which leads to a limitation of the role and demotes it to a mere cost reducing role.

Currently, the purchasing role, in addition to the QCD objectives, must also assume other targets:

  • Control and reduction of overall costscost reduction is no longer simply limited to buying cheaper and thereby reducing prices, but rather it is related above all to spending better by analysing the needs of internal customers to reduce consumption.
  • Risk management: operational risks (interruption of stocks, dependency, monopoly, etc.), global risks (natural, geopolitical, weather, exchange rates, etc.) and environmental risks (social, political, environmental, etc.),
  • Contribution to growth: purchasing also enjoys the opportunity to activate the instruments that contribute to growth by proactively collaborating on projects, developing innovation and assisting the strategy of the business.


KLB Group, your partner in implementing your purchasing projects

We support our clients in all their operational issues, management issues or to transform their purchasing in the international arena.

Project examples

Operational projects

Management and transformation projects

Cost mapping and analysis

Costs and skills audit


Implementation of purchasing information systems

Operational management of purchasing families

Restructuring of purchasing and supply processes

Purchasing projects

Definition of recipient organisations

Product development

Skills development

Supplier risk management

Optimisation plan for the purchasing role

Manufacturing or purchasing projects


Reduced costs

Purchasing policy

Searches for productivity

Competitiveness plan

Value analysis

Improvement of coverage rates

Functional analysis


Cost-oriented redesign



We intervene in all the purchasing categories in production, non-production, investment and business..

For each project we mobilise the entire set of experiences, knowledge, methods and tools of KLB Group.

The combination of skills and know-how is suited to each of the challenges.

During the last ten years, we have managed more than 80 billion euros in spending and we have allowed our clients, both private and public, to save more than 7 billion euros with 400 clients (SMEs, ETIs, large groups and public market).

Our speed of intervention, our industry expertise, our experts in families and sectors, our three hundred experts in purchasing, our methods and our business model allow our customers get a return on investment equivalent to 5 to 10 times their investment.

To respond to customer problems, we propose business models aligned with each situation: fixed price, success fees, performance-related pay, etc.

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