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KLB Group's CSR initiatives

Aware of businesses' impact on the environment and the role that they can play as an agent of change in civil society, in 2009 KLB Group launched the eKiLiBre program, which aims to bring together the various environmental, social and economic actions carried out within the framework of the group's CSR policy.

On a daily basis, on all its projects and missions, KLB Group undertakes to communicate the values ​​that form the DNA of the group: pragmatism, efficiency and responsibility.



Environmental protection:

In July 2010, KLB Group signed the Global Compact,, an initiative promoted by the UN in July 2000. The companies and organisations signing this agreement, from the world of work and civil society, undertake to align their operations and strategies with ten universal principles concerning human rights, labour standards, the environment and the fight against corruption.
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Diversity and equal opportunities:

KLB Group has also signed the Diversity Charter, to promote pluralism within the organisation and seek diversity through For five years, to demonstrate its commitment to diversity, KLB Group has organised the disabled persons employment week, raising awareness among its collaborators in an entertaining format.



Aid to non-political associations:

                                  KLB Group also helps non-political associations that fight for just causes through specific actions.
                                  CSR project: completion of the food collection for Restos du Coeur


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KLB Group is a company with a decidedly international scope.


Almost every year we open branches in new regions or countries and we are currently present in eleven countries on four continents. Our ambition is to become a global company.

Our clients, both large international groups and medium-sized enterprises, are participating in the international projection of KLB Group thanks to the projects they have entrusted to us and the branches at which we intervene on their behalf. We have worked in 42 countries, including remote areas such as Guatemala, Nigeria or Chernobyl.


And our collaborators come from 26 different nationalities.!


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Culture and values

What is Kulture?

A company culture is, in essence, intangible and therefore very difficult to describe. Culture is not decreed, but rather it is lived from day to day. It is the sum of all our individual and collective behaviours, our habits, our rituals, our ways of interacting, our tacit and explicit rules, i.e. everything that constitutes the way we work together.
Our culture is entrepreneurial and operational.

We trust our collaborators, which helps develop responsibility and autonomy in our teams. We encourage initiative and risk-taking and accept failures. Work is like skiing: if you don't fall over, you make no progress.
We are operations-focused and committed to action, speed, rapid testing and adaptation. We have no preconceived criteria, since we know that experience is often different to the initial idea.

And our values?

Culture is inevitably marked by common values. Obviously, everyone has their own values, but that does not stop us from striving to express the common basis of the values ​​that unite us and guide the attitudes we wish to promote within the company. At KLB Group, these business values ​​are Performance, la responsibility andPragmatism.

Performance is our original value. Like most entrepreneurs, we are terrified of the status quo and want to contribute to changing the world for the better. We seek this ambition for progress and we value all our collaborators. This ambition also implies a certain degree of humility, since any way forward begins by recognising that we can do things better. It also requires a measure of performance, because without measurement it is not possible to know whether progress is being made. And systematically seeking to measure and improve performance, we also develop our capacity to engage: with ourselves, among ourselves within the team and with our partners, customers and suppliers. This is an extremely valuable asset to the company.!

Responsibility, goes both ways. It is expected and accepted.
We place our trust in our collaborators. We entrust them with the maximum responsibility they require and are willing to take on, i.e. lots of responsibility, because they have a great deal of common sense and a great deal of autonomy. We grant them freedom and resources, they find solutions to most of the problems themselves. To do this, we always need to state clearly who is responsible for what.
And, undoubtedly, the responsibility is taken on. We must be worthy of the trust placed in us, which begins by stating things as they are, without self-deception and without misleading our colleagues. They say that it is at difficult times that great leaders are recognised. And, in general, it is at difficult times when we recognise those who are responsible people, those who take on their responsibilities. And from day to day, responsibility is simply a matter of respecting others, be they colleagues, customers or suppliers, and thinking long term and in the general interest when acting and making decisions..

Pragmatism,begins with the knowledge and acceptance of reality. We are big supporters of the famous quote by Yogi Berra, the famous baseball player and manager: "In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice. In practice, there is." We are always seeking information as close to the ground as possible, without preconceptions, and while always bearing in mind that the difference is in the detail. And above all, we avoid idealising situations. Things never go as planned. The resources we would like to have are not always possible. Pragmatism means permanently adapting to the situation in order to maximise the resources available. And keeping what works. It is a true talent.
We are firmly committed to our values ​​and our corporate culture. We seek to preserve and develop them, because we are convinced that they make us all more effective and stronger, and allow us to grow and enjoy working together. And we ensure that management is exemplary and consistent with our values ​​because these values ​​are transmitted only through action and leading by example.

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At KLB Group, our mission is to identify, attract and develop Smart Implementors.

Smart Implementors combine rational and relational intelligence with the ability to execute.

Many companies, such as the educational system, tend to overestimate rational and emotional intelligence. These intelligences are important, but at KLB Group we value practical intelligence above all, which is what allows us to realise our ideas in the most efficient manner.

Following Goethe, we believe that "truly great talents only thrive with action." We prefer results and action to ideas, however great they may be. For us, ideas are only a means to an end, with varying degrees of relevance, but only add value if they are implemented.

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Our mission? To implement your projects


We do not merely advise, we also implement your projects alongside you.

We take on two types of products.

  • Operational projects: your key projects, whether in the production sector, infrastructure, construction, energy services, as well as operational projects for their support functions, such as purchasing, finance, information technology, engineering, quality, supply chain, etc.
  •    Improvement projects: we assist you in taking a leap forward in operational performance, earning 10% or 20% more, obtaining cash or implementing a new organisational structure and guaranteeing the transition process, for example, by establishing and transforming shared-services centres.


For all these projects, we quickly mobilise a team of experts with different roles.

We provide and integrate advisory know-how (benchmarking, analysis, design) and project management, as well as operational know-how (monitoring and execution of business processes), to successfully implement your project.

We are fast, efficient and flexible.

Working with you, we will find the most efficient way for you to achieve your goals.

We know how to adapt our remuneration model according to your challenges: management, fixed price, activity unit or success fees.

Since the beginning, our customers have told us that we excel in implementation.

Our main strength is, without doubt, our team: the Smart Implementors!

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