Energy management: a real boost to competitiveness!

In the context of the continued rising costs of raw materials and high price volatility, coupled with a wide variety of national regulations on energy and environmental policy, companies' energy strategies are more important to their economic model than ever before.

The optimisation of energy bills must be addressed as a real project to transform the company, that requires broad participation of collaborators to guarantee the sustainability of profits in the long term.

By applying a strategy of energy management, we have an instrument to improve competitiveness, whatever the sector.


The Energy-K offer of KLB Group: an integrated approach based on three components



LED Lighting


Help your business save energy and money with KLB Group’s “lighting as a service” – with no capital outlay

Cash, Energy and Environmental benefits


With 21 years of expertise in complex technical implementation projects, KLB Group now offer this expertise to customers looking to upgrade their lighting systems.

With the apparent simplicity of lighting, many businesses and executives are underestimating the benefits and advantages of promptly installing an energy efficient lighting system.

KLB has developed a model to help businesses convert to efficient lighting with no capital investment required.  In fact, the project will be self-funded by the savings.

LED lighting does not only reduce site energy consumption, saving money to businesses but, also, improves the quality of light, reduces heat dispersion, avoids high maintenance costs, improves employee conditions and reduces carbon emissions. Doing so, KLB has enabled many clients to reallocate both their CapEx budgets and human resources to more strategic, process related projects.

Many businesses cannot promptly address lighting due to of a lack of money, time, expertise or technical resource. KLB Group pay, project-manage and provide electrical design engineers, leaving our clients to focus on their core business while we work to IMPLEMENT and maximise the savings.


How it works:

KLB Group manage the project from initial survey to full implementation at installation completion*, covering the capital investment and all engineering time.

The cost of the project is then repaid from the realised savings, with a POSITIVE NET-IMPACT on monthly P&L.  

With no capital outlay and 21 years of proven implementation expertise, we believe there is no better partner to help improve your business and the environment.

Every project is different and success in implementation requires visual, technical detail first.  Please get in touch with us and we’ll arrange for one of our Electrical Engineers to survey your site at our cost.


*includes capital outlay, lighting design, rationalisation, controls evaluation, procurement exercise, installation, scheduling, tools, access equipment, project management, old fittings disposal and validation of savings.

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