within the Shared Services Centre of the company would be effective

Opportunity study to determine if setting up a Finance department




Which key criteria indicate if a centralized finance department would be efficient?


Opportunity study to determine if setting up a Finance Department within a Shared Servies Centre of the company would be effective.


Differents kinds of solutions have been developed by KLB Group to respond to the client’s needs:

  • Process mapping and data collection from: 50 sites / 220 people / 150 companies
  • Analysis of the existing situation: company headquarters and of the 50 work sites
  • Deployment plan developed for each site and process
  • Definition of processes and organisational scenarios in collaboration with project sponsors and general management
  •  Formalisation of the project/transition trajectory
  • Estimate of expenses, budget and definition of the financial balance sheet


Methodological contribution

Precise mapping of the existing system (FTE – Full Time Equivalent, Volumes, productivity, etc.)

Potential scenarios defined

Target processes outlined and documented

Monitoring tools created (reports, action and communication plans, calendars, presentations, etc.)