Deploy a Shared Services Centre in the region for all accounting and procurement processes




Provide a flexible external solution, by providing technical, operational, multidisciplinary, and trilingual skills.


An important staff turnover, loss of knowledge and a real need for backup were some of the main challenges identified. KLB Group also identified activity backlog, late payment of supplier invoices and errors in the closing  of accounts.


KLB Group developed three main solutions:

First, the KLB Group team  established transition teams made up of 45 staff members with versatile skills : operational, technical, trilingual, proficient in SAP, general accounting for customers, suppliers and procurement.

Second, the consulting team provided support during the transition, and lastly formalized the operating methods.


  • Provided and developed a team of 45 operational staff members, with an overall  recruitment rate of 80%
  • 15 group entities successfully integrated into the Shared Services Centre
  • 60 interviews with 50 employees (general accountants, management controllers, financial and accounting managers) conducted which allowed the development of 80 operating methods drawn up for different business cycles (intercompany, fixed assets, payment, taxes)
  • 30 training sessions organized and presented