in transforming accounting and logistics activities

Support a well-known brand of online, ready-to-wear clothing,




Prepare, implement and optimize a new logistics site.


The Client wanted the most modern and innovative logistics site in Europe to improve delivery time and quality with a ral-time approach.

In this context, an overhaul of the informations system was undertaken to adpat the company’s infrastructure to the new undertaking.


KLB Group  optimized six topics:

  • Established an expert accounting and logistics management team
  • Provided coaching in change management for:

– Procurement

– Upstream supply chain

– Logistics merchandise reception

– Margin and stock accounting

– Diagnosed  and provided recommendations for the organization’s activities in order to improve processes

– Prepared, implemented and monitored the acceptance plan for the migration of the accounting ERP

  • Provided operational backup for the following processes:

– Procurement and logistics

– Margin and stock accounting

– Screen reader compatibility enabling


  • Formalization of process diagrams 
  • Drafted accounting procedures     .
  • Produced training materials  and a training plan set up for 100 people in inventory and supply management areas
  • Treated the backlog of procurement and accounting work flows     
  • Reorganized the roles and responsibilities within the upstream and perimeter supply chain 
  • Managed the Business Change Management Steering Committee meetings