(personnel administration, employee training, etc.) in an environment

of strong growth

Recruit 500 employees over the year and manage the related HR tasks services


Human Resources


Provide an agile and efficient solution to the Human Resources Department of a well-known player in travel service marnagement, distribution and sale.


In an environment of strong growth, our client was looking for an external solution that would provide agility, efficiency, increased skills and professionalization of the HR activity in order to structure and optimize the services provided for the other in-house department (HR BP, operational management, pay, finance and accounting, etc.)


  • KLB Group put in place a team leader and 15 employees with strong HR expertise onsite and offsite for the following HR processes : personnel administration, recruitment, training, etc. 
  • KLB Group also provided support during the deployment of the new HR strategy :

– auditing and optimization of the internal processes

– implementation of KPI’s

– introduction of a back-up plan to cover absences and holiday periods


  • The entire team was succesfully onboarded in under a month, whilesome of initial staff were retained, leading to a completely stable team
  • Objectives for the recruitment plan were met. Responsiveness was assured through expert channels and service provideers. There was an overall improvement in training logistics. The workload plan objectives were also met.
  • Management of the project was validated with praise from the client. The training plan and expertise of the new team met client requirements. SLs (Service Level Agreement) were under control.