website portal (intranet)

Increase customer experience by developing a new




Development of a new website portal to increase performance and customer experience for a big Japanese Insurance Company


– Website portal was slow, obsolete and not user friendly. The interface was old and not intuitive. It was impacting the client because it was not easy to extract reports and there was a lot of steps for each simple process. Besides that, it was impacting negatively sales because users (clients) were complaining and moving to other insurance companies.


KLB Group solution was to develop a new website portal using up to date technology. We used the same database and we implemented a new interface. The development was done using latest version of JAVA (front end and back end) and we redesigned the processes to make it simplier with less steps.


  • The new website portal has much better performance than the previous. It is more intuitive and user friendly
  • Big increase in customer experience
  • The result is increase in sales and customer retention and satisfaction