Operational performance

Operational excellence: to advance your initiatives faster than the competition

Within the lifecycle of your products and services, in their geographical development and economic struggle, do you find yourself facing an increasingly difficult equation that demands more rapid changes than those which make it possible to obtain teams streamlined as closely as possible to operational requirements?
Organisations have always evolved to adapt to the context and constraints of their markets. The pace of change is getting faster. Taylorism was deployed for half a century; project management and management by target, for over several decades; and overall quality or Lean Management, for a matter of years. The arrival of successive revolutions caused by the Internet only serves to amplify the phenomenon.


Operational Excellence 3.0

There are numerous companies that entrust this challenge to a new strategic role responsible for performance, operational excellence and transformation.
But it is necessary to find new approaches to speed up and amplify performance improvements:

  • But it is necessary to find new approaches to speed up and amplify performance improvements:
  • through a more pragmatic management of availability and resource development
  •   through a systematic search for external instruments to accelerate the process
  •     by applying the best practices of start-ups to manage their projects


KLB Group, your partner in implementing your performance improvements

We support clients of all sizes and from various sectors —ETIs or large public operators— in accelerating their transformation through approaches that are radically different to the classical strategies of continuous improvement or strategic deployment.

  • We convert cooperative experience and learning into the engines of decision-making.
  • We deploy effective media strategies through effective management of scarce resources and the option of tactical outsourcing.
  • We develop swift methodologies for our customers to quickly implement new innovative practices.


The Lean start-up approach of KLB Group


The key word of these new approaches is adaptation on the ground. Our main contribution lies in the diversity of our solutions providing resources and skills:

  • Our experts are able to federate the networks of your business into internal start-ups.
  •    Our operating resources strengthen your projects, allowing them to come to fruition.
  • Our effective teams participate throughout the project to ensure the availability of margins for financial manoeuvre.