Secure and optimize the purchase of strategic intellectual services




Purchasing Department Support in strategic expenditure based on an innovative approach of a co-construction strategy with stakeholders.


Intellectual services are becoming more and more critical within the Banking Sector, requiring buyers with a proven proficiency in purchasing issues to professionalize the approach.

The aim was to assist the Purchasing Department by developing its expertise and to work with internal clients to develop an innovative approach involving them earlier-on in the purchasing process.


In order to secure these strategic purchases, the client decided to obtain support from a specialized outsourcing company. After the initial step of analyzing the current situation and benchmarking the bank’s general performance, KLB Group designed a new strategy with the client. The objective was to move from a governance-based approach to a package work units approach, in order to improve buying process efficiency. A roadmap was established with both internal clients and suppliers, in order to optimize their respective validation. KLB Group teams worked on strategic purchasing categories where the coverage was initially low. The KLB Group team played a key role in selling the importance of the purchasing activity to the internal by demonstrating its added value.



KLB Group

  • supported the customer through a co-construction approach with the main stakeholders
  • qualified and referenced over 200 companies to create average savings of 8%
  • established new contracts for all suppliers