during a merger-acquisition.

Secure purchases of clinical study provisions




Provide an external solution to secure the purchase of clinical studies.


Provide a solution to secure the purchase of clinical studies in a restrictive and complex regulatory environment.
The challenge was to work with all of the stakeholders (legal department, compliance committee, etc.) to control low-cost services that were historically managed by the business, but which represented a high legal risk.



Supplier selection was carried out by KLB Group with the implementation of framework contracts for suppliers of clinical services. Collaborative work was carried out with all stakeholders (legal department, R&D, business teams, etc.), in order to develop an approach to standardise and industrialise the process of purchasing clinical studies.



  • Securing services, ensuring compliance with regulatory topics, and finalising framework contracts
  • Réduction of the lead-time of study purchasing phases by 15%
  • Industrialisation of purchasing with the implementation of purchasing toolbox specific to clinical studies