of the modernisation of the customer supply chain.

Secure and optimise CAPEX purchases and related services as part




Provide specific purchasing skills to support the reorganisation of the customer’s industrial plan in order to optimise productivity 


In the framework of organising their industrial plan, our customer wished to invest in new materials and to find innovative technogical solutions in order to increase their productivity.

This transformation was accompanied by a change in their logistic processes. The goal was to manage CAPEX purchases and related services. To do this, KLB Group needed to be the driving force of this transformation by taking into account the major delay constraints, technical constraints and the customer’s policy issues.


Sourcing was carried out in order to constitute a pool of service provideers to supply specific industrial equipment (for 140 sites). This sourcing integrated the requirements of the customer service charter to determine which companies would be consulted (size, local companies,etc.)

The call for tender were conducted in close collaboration with Legal and Technical Departments. As part of this project, KLB Group teams were also mandated to manage all tenders for intellectual industrial services.


  • Savings of up to 65% on certain items 
  • Securing supplies and services through the implementation of framework contracts 
  • Increase in customer satisfaction, particularly regarding the role of the Purchasing Department.