Energy and environment

In a highly volatile (geopolitical, restructuring, natural disasters, regulatory, etc.) and highly competitive context, companies must transform in order to continue to grow.

The geopolitical context, the increasing trend in demand and market restructuring, as well as natural disasters and their consequences, are forcing companies in the sector to become more agile to ensure their development and retain their position.

In this context, companies must transform to improve their operational efficiency, guarantee their projects, reduce the risks inherent to their business and optimise their costs, all despite a sharp increase in charges.


Sector companies should also focus on their transition to green energy to ensure the sustainability of their business..


KLB Group, your partner in implementing your transformation projects and preparing your operational projects


Our teams, specialists in the sector, are involved throughout the entire value chain to implement and guarantee your projects through various means.

  • development of investment strategies
  • improved operating performance
  •   preparation of operational improvement programs
  • optimisation of the supply chain

Since 1995, KLB Group has managed more than 100 projects for large firms in the energy sector in France and internationally.

Our flexible business model allows us to adapt our intervention to each issue, from a simple intervention (technical assistance) to a more complex project (project team with monitoring of deliveries, UO, etc.).

The result? Project guarantee, achieving the goals set and increasing the skills of your teams.

For information regarding the types of intervention we offer or references, speak directly to one of our experts by writing to