Shared service centres

Scope of promised performance levels. !

Harmonisation of processes and practices, improved service quality, professionalism chains, cost containment, increased productivity, etc. How to make all of these promises a reality ?

Whatever the organisational scheme chosen or the maturity of your SSC, the problems you will face in ensuring the success of the SSCs are:

  •   HR Engineering
  • Management of skills transfer
  • Operational adjustment between the target and the reality on the ground
  • Process optimisation and harmonisation
  • Adaptation and training in the information systems used
  • Drafting of operating methodologies
  •   Construction of monitoring and performance indicators
  • Preparation of economies of scale
  •   Quality assurance of the service vis-à-vis internal customers



KLB Group, your partner in successfully implementing and operating your shared-services centres.

KLB Group is a recognised player in the operational deployment of SSC at national and international level.

KLB Group supports you throughout the project: from the feasibility study to solution design and operational implementation.



Project examples

Creating a SSC for Finance and Supply in France and internationally (Mexico, China, USA, UK, Morocco, etc.)

Internalisation of several SSCs in France and internationally with 150 KLB collaborators

Transfer of Finance SSC from France to India, Poland, etc.

Regrouping of SSC in France

Transition teams capable of managing the affected flows (accounting, supply, scanning, archiving, hotline, etc.).

Audit and harmonisation of SSC processes

Drafting of processes and operating methodologies

IT and tools auditing



For each project, we mobilise multidisciplinary teams able to intervene in France and internationally.



During the last ten years, we have assisted more than 11 companies from the CAC 40 in creating or transforming their SSCs. We have managed over 60 projects to optimise or redesign accounting and supply processes, implementing direct professional hotlines with suppliers, etc.

We adapt our economic model based on the complexity and limitations of your project by applying a fixed price or per unit of output.

For more information in this sense :

KLB Group and SSCs:

60 implemented

Projects ranging from 5 to 150 collaborators

Projects lasting from 3 months to 5 years

Missions in France, UK, China, Morocco, USA, Mexico, etc.