The challenge of your Supply Chain Management: How to present yourself according to the actual needs of current and future customers?


As a distributor, you want to maximise revenue from your network while minimising costs.
As an industry, you want to maximise the performance of your operations to increase competitiveness.
Whatever your industry, you are increasingly required to become more agile.
How to provide the service and at the same time allow the development of new services?
How to strengthen the innovation capacity of your supply chain?

How to adapt your logistics schemes without increasing costs to support your geographical development or that of your customers?

The instruments that must be activated to transform your supply chain and control costs relate to all the processes linked to operations.
The main issues that must be addressed are as follows:

  •    Purchasing performance: How to monitor supplier performance? Which sourcing strategy?
  • Industrial performance: How to improve productivity? How to optimise availability without increasing stocks? How to reduce maintenance costs? How to make your forecasts more reliable?
  •   Logistics performance: How to design an agile distribution network? How to optimise logistics operations?
  • Customer performance: Which service policy? How to optimise the processes of the cycle from order to collection? How to raise customer satisfaction?


KLB Group, your partner in addressing the value chain as a whole and all of your problems with the supply chain

We can support you in all your supply chain projects.
Deeply transform your supply chain to reduce costs, optimise cash flow and improve customer service.
Take on the entire operational project to allow the supply chain to serve your internal clients.
We do not just perform a diagnosis, but rather our deep and operational knowledge of the instruments that can be activated allow us to quickly identify the challenges and propose an efficient roadmap.
Nous ne nous limitons pas à battre la cadence pour accompagner la mise en œuvre.
We implement together with the client to transform the organisation from the inside out.
We can provide —at any time and anywhere in the world— the right combination of expertise to complement your own teams.

Our strengths:

  •   A working knowledge of the tools to optimise the Supply and Purchasing Chain
  •   Techniques for analysing and improving information flows and physical processes
  •     A very high competition in cost modelling and in the quantified analysis of the activities
  • Teams of advisors and operators who may intervene anywhere in the world and in many sectors


Project examples

  • Industrial restructuring schemes
  •   Streamlining of logistics activities and implementation of KPIs
  • Optimisation of warehouses
  • Outsourcing of logistics operations
  • Stock optimisation
  • Lean Management of Process Implementation
  • Conducting transport public tenders and implementation
  • Optimisation of logistics flows