Experts in taxation and financing of research, development, innovation and the environment: consulting, implementation and results


In the current economic climate, companies are aware of the need to reduce financial costs and taxes on their investments in the areas of R&D and the environment. This is why the company should, now more than ever, be familiar with and use the various subsidies that government bodies make available to them.


The optimal management of the subsidies for research, development and innovation of your business depends on the expertise of KLB Group and its three main foundations:

  • R&D versus IT: thorough knowledge of the laws and their interpretations.
  • APPROACH AND ADMINISTRATIONS: experience in the core issues, the format, the administrative procedures and the persons responsible.
  •   QUALITY AND MANAGEMENT: planning, tools and optimisation of savings.

KLB Group, your partner in managing tax incentives and financial subsidies for R&D and the environment


For over 15 years, KLB Group has led the following tax incentives and financial subsidies:

Tax deductions, Patent Box, Social Security discounts for research staff, administrative subsidies, R&D UNE 166.002 management system


PRODUCT R&D deductions Optimisation of the deduction base
METHOD R&D deductions ENAC Certification (AENOR, ACIE, EQA, etc.)
ICT R&D deductions Management of reasoned reports
LOGISTICS R&D deductions Monetisation of payments under the law relating to employers
National Patent Box Identification, quantification and valuation of intangible assets
International Patent Box Defence before the tax authority
Social Security discounts for research staff Identifying activities and researchers. Quantifying monthly savings
State Aid Request, justification and collections management
European Aid Horizon 2020
R&D management system Definition of management procedures and manuals



Our added value:

  • a team of engineers, economists and tax experts
  • Experts in tax optimisation through identification of complex R&D
  •    Knowledge of the procedures and management of Government Agencies
  • Certification of research staff
  • Calculation of estimated tax savings per quarter
  • Strong expertise in fiscal controls
  •    More than two hundred companies have placed their trust in us
  •    Remuneration according to the funding received and the savings made
  •   Development of internal tools to manage their R&D projects


For more information in this sense:

KLB Group will organize a workshop on “Public funding for innovation” with our partner the Global Sports Innovation Center, January 26th


Next January 26th, the Global Sports Innovation Center (GSIC) will hold a workshop on 'Public funding for innovation', an event organized in collaboration with KLB Group. 


Public funding for innovation

January 26th, 2017

Global Sports Innovation Center,  Goya street 90. Madrid


This workshop will allow the participants to know how to benefit from the incentive opportunities that the Spanish Administration provides to companies  that invest in R&D. This opportunities often keep unnoticed by the companies, either because they do not know how to identify their innovative activities, either because they are not aware of their regulation. Additionally, GSIC members can request an interview with KLB Group experts in order to achieve a short preliminary report of the incentive opportunities for their companies.

Maria URIOL, our expert in the field of R&D financiation in KLB Group, will open the conference: "Do I carry out innovative activities?". Other experts from the Spanish Ministry of Economy and  European Quality Assurance will take part as speakers. 



GSIC members are invited to register to attend this workshop through


For more informations

Global Sports Innovation Center (GSIC), is  a non-profit organization located in downtown Madrid, whose primary goal is to improve the value chain of the Sport industry by leveraging the most advanced technologies, enabling business connections, and becoming a worldwide reference for the sports industry, from start-ups to enterprise organizations.