“Pragmatismo? Isto é o que falta em um consultor tradicional.”

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“务实精神?这正是传统顾问所缺乏的”/ “Pragmatism? It’s everything that traditional consultants lack”

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Implementation Excellence Event in Montreal – Conference by Bernard Voyer – 21.04.15

Watch the best parts of Bernard Voyer's fascinating conference, the famous Canadian explorer, in La Pointe-à-Callière Museum, Montreal! 

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Implementation Excellence Event – Conference by Bernard Voyer in Montréal (21.04.15)

Club of Implementation Excellence -"Strategies and Summits"

Conference by Bernard Voyer, O.C., C.Q. Canadian explorer 


It is through one’s own challenges that man grows” 


KLB Group organised an enthralling conference, on 21 April 2015, at the museum of La Pointe-à-Callière, Montréal, in the company of Bernard Voyer, a renowned Canadian explorer. This was an evening filled with teachings, thus we hereby present a brief account that will be of help to you in the implementation of your finest projects!


Click HERE to see the video of the event.


Musée la Pointe-à-Callière @Normand Rajotte


Three main principles to undertake: 
Scaling Everest, discovering the South Pole, creating a business, completing an assignment…all these adventures are similar in the qualities that they require. Below are the 3 key stages to accomplishing great challenges.  


1.    Dream

Before undertaking the implementation of a project, it is first necessary to have a vision, an idea. Dreams, many of us have them, but very few fulfil them. Why? Because it is not enough just to dream, we must stand up and move on to the next stage. 


2.    Stand up
To “stand up” is to follow through with the idea, it is to respect and find the necessary motivation to realise the idea. Thus it is necessary to become aware of the investment expected. Starting with a personal investment, and then very quickly, leading to a team investment in order to provide the means to accomplish it. 

“I will have your life at the end of the rope”

Next comes the phase to plan the idea. Each detail has its importance. With practical improvement the idea is realised. It is this purposeful and meticulous preparation that leads to innovation. Herein lies the value of preparation. We become more confident, more assured and more able to confront the obstacles. The team expands as the project grows and is constructed around a common strategy.  


 3.    Take action

After the preparation phase is the mobilisation phase. We can decide to take action or not to take action. It is a question of seconds. Often the reality is distanced from that which we expect. Confronted with this growing awareness of the gap between the theory and the practice, we must be determined, pragmatic. The intelligence of execution consists of permanently adapting to the situation to make the most of the means available to us. Faced with technical, human, or financial hazards, developing our capacity to analyse a critical situation and take purposeful decisions is essential.


“In the Antarctic, you have to decide if you do not want to die”


How do you find the strength to continue after a change of strategy? Thanks:
•    to wonderment: as Bernard Voyer has shown us, we must not forget to stop and celebrate that which has already been accomplished
•    to leadership: this irrational and objective confidence in the project leader
•    to resilience: it is necessary to accept the fact that certain aspects of the project do not work as expected and find, in profound commitment, the solutions to the problems encountered. 

“My drive pushes me higher, and tells me to continue”​

Pride comes with realising the dream and ambition leads to the birth of a new dream…“It is from one summit that we see others”. And then? In order for the dream to persist despite its fulfilment, the secret, as Bernard Voyer has revealed to us, is sharing it …



We would like to take this moment to, once again, thank our speaker, Bernard Voyer, who was able to captivate his audience during his presentation. We hope to see you soon for a new phase of enlightening presentations from the Club of Implementation Excellence!  

For further information on Bernard Voyer, visit his website: www.bernardvoyer.com