KLB Group's CSR initiatives

Aware of businesses' impact on the environment and the role that they can play as an agent of change in civil society, in 2009 KLB Group launched the eKiLiBre program, which aims to bring together the various environmental, social and economic actions carried out within the framework of the group's CSR policy.

On a daily basis, on all its projects and missions, KLB Group undertakes to communicate the values ​​that form the DNA of the group: pragmatism, efficiency and responsibility.



Environmental protection:

In July 2010, KLB Group signed the Global Compact,, an initiative promoted by the UN in July 2000. The companies and organisations signing this agreement, from the world of work and civil society, undertake to align their operations and strategies with ten universal principles concerning human rights, labour standards, the environment and the fight against corruption.
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Diversity and equal opportunities:

KLB Group has also signed the Diversity Charter, to promote pluralism within the organisation and seek diversity through For five years, to demonstrate its commitment to diversity, KLB Group has organised the disabled persons employment week, raising awareness among its collaborators in an entertaining format.



Aid to non-political associations:

                                  KLB Group also helps non-political associations that fight for just causes through specific actions.
                                  CSR project: completion of the food collection for Restos du Coeur


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