KLB Group becomes the official partner of Hydroptère to beat the transpacific crossing speed record!


 L'Hydroptère is the fastest sailing trimaran of the world. This extraordinary sailing boat can fly over oceans at a very high speed combining the leading techniques of the aeronautical and marine industries. Thanks to a lifting surface, called "foil", in similar appearance and purpose to airfoils used by airplanes, the boat’s hulls is lifted out of the water when a certain speed is reached.

The French skipper Alain Thébault and his crew will try in the next few days to beat the transpacific crossing speed record from Los Angeles to Honolulu (Hawaï). 

“This human and technological adventure resonates with our entrepreneurial culture and values: Performance, Pragmatism and Responsibility” said Jean-Marc LE BRETON, DG co-founder of KLB Group. “Alain Thébault is a role model of implementation” added Flavien KULAWIK, CEO and co-founder of KLB Group.“He is one of this talents able to put a visionary idea into practice, simple on paper, but extremely ambitious and complicated to achieve. His extraordinary practical intelligence to cope with unforeseen events and face human, technical and financial challenges, has to be an example for us”.

We are really proud to be part of a unique adventure which deserves to be added to our Implementors Pantheon!

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