Implementation Excellence Survey 2015

KLB Group, specialist of project implementation for businesses and public sector, is proud to present the results of its Implementation Excellence survey 2015!

What are the difficulties encountered by companies in their projects implementation, that is to say making their expectations a real success?

Project stakeholders told us that, often, things don't turn out as you expected. You always need  to be able to adapt.

If you are interested in this quest for optimal solutions, agile practices and innovative approaches in order to further our/your capacity to implement projects, read the study!







How to go from idea to reality?


  Photos: NASA 


300 professionals, members of executive committees and directors of support functions,  were interviewed to identify the main causes of failure in their projects implementation. 

Results show that a good project management does not guarantee implementation. The success rate remais low and the concrete meaning of "a good implementation" have to be clarified.

Implementation is held back by 4 limitations of currents models. To address those difficulties, 6 ways to implement better and increase companies's capacity to make their's projects a complete success have been considered.











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