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Now delivering more services, KLB Group’s “Finance & Innovation” Business unit renamed “Tax and Finances Services” to coincide with CFOs new needs.


Now delivering more services, KLB Group’s “Finance & Innovation” Business unit renamed “Tax and Finances Solutions” to coincide with CFOs new needs.


Franc Palomino 

This slightly improvement is designed to take advantage of the transformations and innovations in the Finance industry and the changing demands of CFOs in an increasingly global and complex world.

KLB Group will now thicken up its Finance & Innovation (FI) businesses to consolidate its portfolio into a more exhaustive and relevant Business Unit called Tax and Finances Services (TFS). This will allow users to challenge and perform the entire Finance cycle, from tax credit, subsidies, Patent Box and Bonuses for researches to R&D developments and Local Taxes, including IBI and IAE. 

For Franc Palomino, Director of the Business Unit Tax and Finance Services: "This positioning is an important step forward. As well as providing a unique source of technical knowledges, it highlights consistency of our initiatives that have led our clients to success all around the word.“

Since 1995, KLB Group has managed more than 300 international projects for large firms in the Finance sector thanks to its flexible business model and its global presence in both developed and emerging markets.

Jose Valentí appointed International Business Development Director for KLB Group’s Success Fee Solutions business line

KLB Group, the specialist of project implementation for businesses and public sector, announces the appointment of Jose Valentí as the international Business Development Director of KLB Group's Success Fee Solutions business line. 


With over fifteen years of experience, Jose Valentí collected a high level of expertise in the consultancy sector before joining KLB Group in 2012 as Development Director in Spain.  He now gains fresh momentum under the responsability of Maxime Le Bidois, Global Head of Success Fee Solutions, and will support the sales dynamic of the Innovation Financing, Gain Sharing Projects and Small & Medium Enterprises business units in France, Spain and Brazil. Jose will be tasked with optimizing sales performance and customer relations, developing the marketing strategy in order to deploy new offers and international expansion, as well as coordinating inter-country synergies. Jose Valentí is 38 years old, and graduated from the University of Barcelona and Mälardalens Högskola University in Sweden.  





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