Cost optimisation

Companies wish to generate savings quickly and obtain measurable improvements, whether to maintain their margins in the face of increasing competitive pressure, in the context of acquisitions or LBOs to optimise these operations, or even in the case of financial difficulties.

However, today more than 50% of company projects are abandoned when only half completed.

At KLB Group, we guarantee the concrete implementation of the expected savings in each project from the initial phase through to completion thanks to our pragmatism and our 100% operational teams of experts. What is our business model? Compensation based solely on a success fee. We establish an authentic partnership with businesses, committing ourselves to their results. We are able to quickly identify goals and make them a reality within the established deadlines thanks to a proven method.

Besides efficiency, companies seek a good understanding of the specific problems they face, of corporate culture and of the impact of the proposed solutions on the organization.

Our added value lies in our operational vision of the reality affecting the company. In every project that we undertake, we identify the real needs, we decompartmentalise practices, we dismantle prejudices and we generate a consensus among all the collaborators for them to make a permanent commitment to the proposed solutions. Thanks to this approach, we not only manage to save, but rather we also set in motion a transformation within the companies with which we collaborate.

Not only do we intervene to produce savings, but rather we also create value.

Our main areas of intervention are transportation, logistics, marketing and communication, core business purchasing, packaging and overheads.
Thanks to our presence in France, Brazil, Spain and the UK, we are able to implement major projects for all our clients.

Performance improvement

Improve your performance by avoiding traditional pitfalls.!

Are you Chairman, CEO, CFO, transformation director, director of a profit centre or in a supporting role?

Do you want to improve your performance? Do you want to obtain financial benefits or improve operating performance, service quality or level of practice?

Don’t let the usual pitfalls become an obstacle!

Don’t focus your attention or resources on the phases of analysis, identification of potential areas for improvement and planning their attainment.

Management consultants are involved mainly in these phases, rather than in the implementation, and for this reason they are very expensive and do not have the know-how required.

Don’t view the implementation phase as a mere formality, which at best provides a predisposition to change.

Following such an approach, you run the risk of:

  • Not being able to leverage the true potential areas for improvement (those of two figures)
  • Wasting time and money on unproductive tasks
  •   Paying a high price for a few consultants who will not perform their operational tasks well
  • Discouraging the teams
  • Not achieving lasting results


KLB Group, your partner in implementing your performance improvements

KLB Group supports you in all phases of your project to improve and ensure its implementation, providing all the operational resources necessary.

Unlike management consultants, we do not offer ourselves to lead the change, but rather we implement the change.

This ensures:

  • Extensive use of optimisation tools that really work
  •    Increasing performance by two figures, implemented and long-lasting

Examples of performance improvement projects:

  • Restructuring of an industrial scheme
  • Improved performance of the functions of purchasing, supply chain, IT
  • Development of an economic culture within the ISD
  • Outsourcing of purchases
  • Supply chain management service centre
  •   Performance optimisation of infrastructure through the performance industrialisation and innovation of the supplier

For more information in this sense:


KLB Group and performance improvement projects:

Over 1000 projects

From 1 to 100 collaborators

From 3 months to 5 years

In 50 countries

Organisational transition

In order to succeed in the organisational transition project it is necessary, above all, to succeed in the transition phase

During the phases of organisational transition many questions are raised: What teams need to be created? What knowledge must be used? What management must be implemented? Which tools must be deployed?…

You need an agile and flexible solution that suits the pace of your transition and takes into account the reality on the ground to be tackled. We are convinced that there is a gap between theoretical design and operational reality, and that the success of the project depends on overcoming this gap.


KLB Group, your partner in ensuring the success of your organisational transition

We support our customers in resolving their transition challenges throughout the country and internationally.

Our projects are conducted in a number of different environments:

  • creation of shared-services centres
  • centralisation/decentralisation of functions
  •   change or harmonisation of information systems
  •     merger/demerger
  •   changes in methods and processes.

These structural projects involve major organisational changes. Our intervention allows you more time to manage these changes in the best way possible, particularly as regards the human resources involved, while benefiting from an operational contribution adapted to the pace of your project.

We will offer you a flexible solution that will allow you to have a good team available at the right time, with dedicated management and monitoring tools tailored to each project.


Project examples

  • Establishment of financial transition teams in situ, formed of between 5 and 150 collaborators
  • Operational management of the entrusted tasks (accounting, supply, hotline, referential, tests, etc.)
  •   Transfer batch preparation (operating methodologies, processes, reports, etc.)
  • Management of convergence of processes and operating methodologies
  •   Creation of tools to monitor activity (dashboards, KPIs, reports, etc.)


For more information in this sense:

Our transition projects: :

We have conducted more than 80 projects in 11 countries with teams that can have up to 150 collaborators for financial and accounting management, IT, procurement, supply, advisory and operational

Shared service centres

Scope of promised performance levels. !

Harmonisation of processes and practices, improved service quality, professionalism chains, cost containment, increased productivity, etc. How to make all of these promises a reality ?

Whatever the organisational scheme chosen or the maturity of your SSC, the problems you will face in ensuring the success of the SSCs are:

  •   HR Engineering
  • Management of skills transfer
  • Operational adjustment between the target and the reality on the ground
  • Process optimisation and harmonisation
  • Adaptation and training in the information systems used
  • Drafting of operating methodologies
  •   Construction of monitoring and performance indicators
  • Preparation of economies of scale
  •   Quality assurance of the service vis-à-vis internal customers



KLB Group, your partner in successfully implementing and operating your shared-services centres.

KLB Group is a recognised player in the operational deployment of SSC at national and international level.

KLB Group supports you throughout the project: from the feasibility study to solution design and operational implementation.



Project examples

Creating a SSC for Finance and Supply in France and internationally (Mexico, China, USA, UK, Morocco, etc.)

Internalisation of several SSCs in France and internationally with 150 KLB collaborators

Transfer of Finance SSC from France to India, Poland, etc.

Regrouping of SSC in France

Transition teams capable of managing the affected flows (accounting, supply, scanning, archiving, hotline, etc.).

Audit and harmonisation of SSC processes

Drafting of processes and operating methodologies

IT and tools auditing



For each project, we mobilise multidisciplinary teams able to intervene in France and internationally.



During the last ten years, we have assisted more than 11 companies from the CAC 40 in creating or transforming their SSCs. We have managed over 60 projects to optimise or redesign accounting and supply processes, implementing direct professional hotlines with suppliers, etc.

We adapt our economic model based on the complexity and limitations of your project by applying a fixed price or per unit of output.

For more information in this sense :

KLB Group and SSCs:

60 implemented

Projects ranging from 5 to 150 collaborators

Projects lasting from 3 months to 5 years

Missions in France, UK, China, Morocco, USA, Mexico, etc.

Operational projects

Guarantee your operational projects. !

You are the director of a project, director of an operational unit or head of a support team.?

You are responsible for a project or for a project portfolio.

You must ensure an optimal skills mix for each project to guarantee its successful implementation but:

  • You are not an expert in the required specialties
  • You cannot hire the specialists necessary in the short-term
  •   You will be setting up in a new country and do not know how to hire locally
  • You must keep costs at the lowest level possible
  • You must absorb peaks in workload
  • You are unable to hire the profiles you seek
  • Somebody has abruptly left your team
  • You simply do not want to have to worry about resource issues

You are seeking a flexible solution to ensure the implementation of your project or project portfolio.

KLB Group is the ideal partner to ensure the implementation of your operational projects. !

Whatever the project, we mobilise:

The optimal skills mix to build a multidisciplinary project team to perfectly complement your project team: engineers, buyers, logisticians, quality professionals, financial controllers, etc.

Very quickly. You will be amazed at our rapid ability to form the best team.!

Adaptable at any time: we quickly adapt the team size depending on the needs.

Worldwide: we send our teams anywhere in the world and we can hire locally.


Examples of operational projects

  •   Design and strength testing of metal parts within the framework of a metro project in Brazil for a manufacturer of railway components
  • Protection of contracts and relationships with external partners under the framework of a spin-off operation within Europe for a manufacturer of telecommunications components
  • IT infrastructure and software purchasing management for an international bank
  • Qualification and development of metal parts suppliers in the European area for an industrial firm
  • Engineering of the pipes and the resistance of an offshore structure for an oil operator
  • Establishing a benchmark qualification for suppliers of special processes for a manufacturer of automotive components

For more information in this sense:

KLB Group and operational projects:

Over 1000 projects

From 1 to 50 employees per project

Projects from 3 months up to 1 year

In 50 countries