R&D and innovation



The integration of technology and commerce is an essential element in businesses' competitiveness. In other words, the technology applied to the business world makes no sense if not seen as a tool that should be seamlessly integrated within all the processes of the company.

Thus, companies must implement an innovative policy in which technology plays a strategic role starting from the design stage of the economic models, in order to evolve towards competitive, flexible and efficient structures. They must become "on request" companies that can respond and adapt to any changes, whether internal or in their area of competition.

We help to consolidate a range of new challenges and new business realities. We are entering a new era. These risks can be summarised as follows:

  • A high level of competitiveness
  • The constant appearance of changes and discontinuities and an increasingly rapid shortening of cycles
  • Large uncertainties and fluctuations hamper the ability of businesses to plan and achieve their business objectives
  • Increasingly important presence of risks and unforeseen threats as a factor that must be accepted and addressed proactively


These factors raise the issue of creating corporate value and the potential to survive and thrive in the new business environment in our society, which requires new approaches and new behaviours.

KLB Group, your partner in the management and financing of INNOVATION

Since its inception, KLB Group has supported companies in their innovation processes. Innovation is defined as the ability to transform the methods of businesses and create more competitive, more flexible and more effective structures.


  • How to reduce costs and, at the same time, improve the competitiveness and uniqueness of the company?


Tax incentives to R&D Implementation of an R&D management system
Development of a methodology and a manual
Propose guidelines to organise and manage R&D effectively Analyse the internal and external technological situation
Identify and assess the threats and opportunities for technological development
Set goals based on activities
Select and properly manage the R&D portfolio

Guarantee that activities that are likely to lead to proprietary technologies and patents are not lost


Technological advance and creativity
Internal and external analysis
Benchmarking (customers and competition)

Help to plan and control R&D activities


Contribution by EXPERTS to the various sectors of R&D
Management of R&D RESOURCES
Management of FINANCING subsidies
Recognition of the organisation in the market and society Obtaining official certificates
Strengthening of innovation as an essential factor in competitiveness
Encourage the use of ICT tools Development of project management tools



Our added value:


  • A team of engineers, economists and tax experts
  • We make our experts available to companies when and where needed
  •   Experts in tax optimisation through identification of complex R&D
  • Knowledge of the procedures and management of Government Agencies
  •   Certification of research staff
  • Calculation of estimated tax savings per quarter
  • Strong expertise in fiscal controls
  • More than two hundred companies have placed their trust in us
  • Remuneration according to the funding received and the savings made
  • Development of internal tools to manage their R&D projects