Why KLB Group?

Four good reasons to join us


1.Access exciting projects!

At KLB Group, we believe that our first mission is to find exciting projects in environments that pose challenges and allow you to grow. You will be proud of your mission and your added value.!

2. Boost your professional career

Our ambition is to promote skills development. Your technical skills, but also your analytical and interpersonal skills, and above all, your Smart Implementor skills, i.e. your capacity to act, implement and overcome difficulties.!
Our students say that their years at KLB Group count for double. You will learn twice as fast: you will progress quickly within the company or leave KLB Group having held certain responsibilities for which you typically need twice as much seniority.

3. Form part of a very friendly group!

You will join a competent, dynamic and friendly team. You will enjoy your exchanges with your colleagues, whether they are of a technical nature or in more informal settings, such as while having a drink, at a club, at training sessions or at internal events. KLB Group has a start-up atmosphere, with a straightforward and pragmatic style of management, and we do not like formalities. All collaborators treat their bosses as equals.

4. The power of the network

Our students form an influential and powerful network that allows access to information and an exchange of views. Five years' experience at KLB Group is not only valued for the KLB Group's reputation of operational efficiency, but also represents an opportunity to forge ties with competent and seasoned professionals in order to assume important responsibilities. A network that we cultivate, so much so that many of our students end up becoming customers.!