Our mission? To implement your projects

We do not merely advise, we also implement your projects alongside you.

We take on two types of projects.

  • Operational projects: your key projects, whether in the production sector, infrastructure, construction, energy services, as well as operational projects for their support functions, such as purchasing, finance, information technology, engineering, quality, supply chain, etc.
  • Improvement projects: we assist you in taking a leap forward in operational performance, earning 10% or 20% more, obtaining cash or implementing a new organizational structure and guaranteeing the transition process, for example, by establishing and transforming shared-services centres.

For all these projects, we quickly mobilize a team of experts with different roles.

We provide and integrate advisory know-how (benchmarking, analysis, design) and project management, as well as operational know-how (monitoring and execution of business processes), to successfully implement your project.

We are fast, efficient and flexible.

Working with you, we will find the most efficient way for you to achieve your goals.

We know how to adapt our remuneration model according to your challenges: management, fixed price, activity unit or success fees.

Since the beginning, our customers have told us that we excel in implementation.

Our main strength is, without a doubt, our team: the Smart Implementors

Discover the Smart Implementors