KLB Group becomes new Global Sports Innovation Center partner!

Since September 2015, KLB Group becomes new Global Sports Innovation Center expert partner in Public Financiation of R&D and Innovation.



Global Sports Innovation Center (GSIC), located in Madrid and powered by Microsoft, is an unprecedented collaborative project between public, private & academic sectors that aims to promote innovation in the sport industry as a key factor in job creation and growth. GSIC has received an initial investment of 17 million euros and its objective is propel new business opportunities, developing and promoting collaborative technology solutions for the industries of sports, health, fitness and Sports events.GSIC needed to have an expert partner in the area of Innovation Financing to reach national and international grants and finance innovative projects, activities and investments. KLB Group then becomes GSIC reference partner for getting R&D public funds. In detail, KLB Group advises, defines and implements the optimal strategy for public funding and tax savings of activities, technological and innovative projects and investments both in the projects of the Center and partners in their own activities.   

This one year collaboration is win-win situation for every stakeholder: GSIC will offer value added services to its members, KLB Group will know about new projects and companies linked to innovation in the Sport industry, and partners of GSIC will have an expert support to monetize all its R&D and innovative activities.


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