The Construction and Infrastructure sector is witnessing surging demands owing to the rapid development of many regions in the World

Infrastructure spending has begun to rebound from the global financial crisis and is expected to grow significantly over the coming decade. The Construction sector is witnessing surging demands owing to the rapid development of many regions in the World. However, effective implementation remains the single largest obstacle in the Power Generation sector.

Geographical, sectorial and brand DIVERSIFICATION and INTERNATIONALISATION are the keys in today’s Construction industry.

The market trends are:
growth in Asia, Middle East, Latin America, Brazil, and Eastern USA
market without boarders: global projects, global portfolios
Local adaptation = permanent presence


KLB Group vous accompagne dans l’implémentation de vos projets de transformation

KLB Group helps you to secure the availability of the right expertise, at the right moment, at the right place, allowing you to win and successfully implement your Construction projects.

In addition, we can help you to improve project performance by implementing best practices in total life cycle cost optimization, interface management, and project risk and uncertainty management.


Project Management and Quality Management Layout, ground plant and elevation
Finance and cost analysis Geological and geotechnical studies
Environmental management Procurement and expediting
EHS management Viaducts, tunnels, bridges
HR management Retaining walls, Earthworks
Contractors and suppliers management Track
Project Management and Quality Management Structures
Finance and cost analysis Electrification, signalling, lighting
  Telecommunications, Information systems



For each projects, and to succeed in this demanding market, assembling the project dream team is the number one challenge.  

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