Consumer goods and distribution

Unforeseeable consumption, highly demanding customers, increased competition. How to improve your competitiveness?


The distribution sector must now face three major issues: increasingly unforeseeable consumption; an erratic clientele that is becoming extremely demanding, whether in terms of price or services, which leads to a short product life-cycle; and finally, increased competition due to the arrival of new brands and the race for new technologies.

These complex issues are compounded by the major challenges that must be overcome:

  • Constantly transform the processes to attract customers by using all available distribution channels (store, e-commerce, mail order, etc.) in order to develop the multichannel./li>
  •   Constantly evolve the "product" offering through new services (credit, rental, maintenance, customisation)
  • Promote mobility with the help of new technologies (smartphone apps, contactless payment, etc.)
  • Rethink the store to position it within a truly global strategy (online store, interactive store, RFID, video, mobile, interactive kiosks)

KLB Group assists you in implementing your transformation projects and undertaking your operational projects


Within this context, KLB Group helps companies to implement anagile supply chain to meet the new conditions of the market (volumes, deadlines, places of delivery: home/collection point, returns handling, stocks).

Support that also takes the form of establishing an IT organisation focused on innovation and budgetary control as well as a rebooted warehouse management that requires controlled costs (lease, equipment, energy costs)which is flexible enoug to provide network mobility (modalities of adapted installation/uninstallation).

Thanks to the presence of performance-oriented experts in the activity (QCD) and consultants with experience in project management in these complex and changing contexts, KLB Group has developed and deployed an original and adapted service offering to meet the market challenges.


Project examples:


Operations Management and transformation
Purchasing projects Competitiveness program
Product development Cost reduction plan
Supplier risk management Definition of recipient organisation
Stock optimisation Search for productivity
Quality management Skills development

Implementation of shared-services of

purchasing/finance/supply chain/quality

Implementation of shared-services centres
Real estate management Optimisation of the supply chain



For each project we mobilise the entire set of experiences, knowledge, methods and tools of KLB Group.

The combination of skills and know-how is suited to each of the challenges.


During the last ten years, we have managed around 240 projects.

Our speed of intervention, our expertise in the industry, our experts, our methods and our business model allow our customers get a return on their investment equivalent to 5-10 times the investment amount.

To respond to customer problems, we propose business models aligned with each situation: fixed price, success fees, performance-related pay, etc.