Financial services

Historic crisis, industry consolidation, regulatory constraints, new dynamic players, etc. How do we ensure growth in this environment?

The new players and major regulatory changes due to successive crises have greatly changed the ecosystem.
We must rethink the business model and competitive position by adapting to the wave of digitalisation while taking into account budgetary constraints.
Therefore, we must confront the following issues:

  • The digital era has led to the emergence of new players. What will their impact be?
  •   What will the industry of tomorrow look like?
  • What stance should be taken on the new regulations?


KLB Group supports you in preparing your operating projects and implementing your transformation projects:


Whether you are a bank (retail, private, wealth management or investment) or an insurance (or reinsurance) company, whether you manage liquidity or capital risks, our specialised teams in the financial services industry will support you in missions such as:

  • Reducing costs
  • Organisational improvement
  •    Increasing productivity
  • Evolution of Information Systems

Our excellent knowledge of the financial services, as well as our international presence, allows us to support you with a flexible solution tailored to your needs.

Since 1995, KLB Group has managed more than 300 international projects for large firms in the sector.

Our flexible business model allows us to adapt our intervention to each issue, from a simple intervention (technical assistance) to a more complex project (project team with monitoring of deliveries, UO, etc.).

The result? Project guarantee, achieving the goals set and increasing the skills of your teams.

For information regarding the types of intervention we offer or references, speak directly to one of our experts by writing to