Oil & Gas

The Oil&Gas sector is a highly competitive market which demans high specialization and maximum flexibility.


The Oil & Gas sector is segmented into different development stages from exploration/extraction to transformation/distribution. With a very dynamic market and still more complex projects, key players are requested to be flexible, innovative to remain competitive.

Major investments need to be engaged to re-think project management methodology and attract the right expertise in an international environment becoming more and more specific. Client expectations on cost,
complexity and challenging lead-time push all the stakeholders to get external support to keep flexibility and get the right expertise at the right moment.

KLB Group is able to support you all around the world at each development stages with the right expertise to allow you to keep focusing on your core business.

Furthermore, our market knowledge allows us to offer innovative and dedicated business models to fit your expectations.

KLB Group helps you to secure the availability of the right expertise, at the right moment, at the right place, allowing you to win and successfully implement your Oil&Gas projects.

In addition, we can help you to improve project performance by implementing best practices in total life cycle cost optimization, interface management, and project risk and uncertainty management.




We have developed many projects in Engineering, Procurement and Construction, together with Management. providing high flexibility at each project stage, from front end design to decommissioning, everywhere, even in the most remote and toughest regions, at home & satellite offices, fabrication yards, shipyards, supplier sites, etc.

For each project, and to succeed in this demanding market, assembling the project dream team is the number one challenge.  

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