Public sector

Increase in charges, budget cuts, reduction of subsidies, etc. How to get organised?


You face a fearsome economic equation: trapped between rising costs and reduced subsidies, you must meet the expectations of your clients.

The reduction of costs becomes paramount and increased performance becomes essential to achieve positive results and maintain investments. The speed and agility of the actions should be optimal to ensure their success.

Therefore, the questions that arise are:

  • How to deal with provisioning reductions?
  • How to achieve sustainable savings quickly?
  • How to speed up the increase in skills of the teams?


KLB Group supports you in implementing your transformation projects and conducting your operational projects:


KLB Group supports territorial bodies in controlling their operating and investment costs by combining consultancy and implementation.

We provide methods, tools and accredited practices; we install them and then implement them.

  •   Identify the real challenges and monitor the cost reduction by moving from an accounting-based logic to practicing control management;
  • Apply a privileged performance instrument, purchasing, encouraging the contribution of suppliers;
  • Speed up performance plans by releasing productivity tracks through mutualisation.


Thanks to our local presence, many territorial bodies (municipalities, general councils, regions, etc.) have placed their trust in us and we have helped them improve their practices to better control their spending.


For more information in this sense:

KLB Group and the public sector:

10 regional authorities
3 ministries
8 infrastructure managers
500 projects
3 billion in purchases managed on behalf of our clients