Reducing overall costs, risk management and contribution to growth: the challenges of the purchasing role for the next decade


The fundamental principles of the purchasing role —which are quality, costs and deadlines— are those monitored the most frequently.

But the contribution made by purchasing to the overall performance of the company is perceived and evaluated primarily in relation to the reduction of costs and expenses, which leads to a limitation of the role and demotes it to a mere cost reducing role.

Currently, the purchasing role, in addition to the QCD objectives, must also assume other targets:

  • Control and reduction of overall costscost reduction is no longer simply limited to buying cheaper and thereby reducing prices, but rather it is related above all to spending better by analysing the needs of internal customers to reduce consumption.
  • Risk management: operational risks (interruption of stocks, dependency, monopoly, etc.), global risks (natural, geopolitical, weather, exchange rates, etc.) and environmental risks (social, political, environmental, etc.),
  • Contribution to growth: purchasing also enjoys the opportunity to activate the instruments that contribute to growth by proactively collaborating on projects, developing innovation and assisting the strategy of the business.


KLB Group, your partner in implementing your purchasing projects

We support our clients in all their operational issues, management issues or to transform their purchasing in the international arena.

Project examples

Operational projects

Management and transformation projects

Cost mapping and analysis

Costs and skills audit


Implementation of purchasing information systems

Operational management of purchasing families

Restructuring of purchasing and supply processes

Purchasing projects

Definition of recipient organisations

Product development

Skills development

Supplier risk management

Optimisation plan for the purchasing role

Manufacturing or purchasing projects


Reduced costs

Purchasing policy

Searches for productivity

Competitiveness plan

Value analysis

Improvement of coverage rates

Functional analysis


Cost-oriented redesign



We intervene in all the purchasing categories in production, non-production, investment and business..

For each project we mobilise the entire set of experiences, knowledge, methods and tools of KLB Group.

The combination of skills and know-how is suited to each of the challenges.

During the last ten years, we have managed more than 80 billion euros in spending and we have allowed our clients, both private and public, to save more than 7 billion euros with 400 clients (SMEs, ETIs, large groups and public market).

Our speed of intervention, our industry expertise, our experts in families and sectors, our three hundred experts in purchasing, our methods and our business model allow our customers get a return on investment equivalent to 5 to 10 times their investment.

To respond to customer problems, we propose business models aligned with each situation: fixed price, success fees, performance-related pay, etc.

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KLB Group and purchasing:


Billions of euros in savings

1 Md€ d’économies

300 experts

20 sectors covered

62 categories catered for

Advisory and operations

Cost optimisation

Companies wish to generate savings quickly and obtain measurable improvements, whether to maintain their margins in the face of increasing competitive pressure, in the context of acquisitions or LBOs to optimise these operations, or even in the case of financial difficulties.

However, today more than 50% of company projects are abandoned when only half completed.

At KLB Group, we guarantee the concrete implementation of the expected savings in each project from the initial phase through to completion thanks to our pragmatism and our 100% operational teams of experts. What is our business model? Compensation based solely on a success fee. We establish an authentic partnership with businesses, committing ourselves to their results. We are able to quickly identify goals and make them a reality within the established deadlines thanks to a proven method.

Besides efficiency, companies seek a good understanding of the specific problems they face, of corporate culture and of the impact of the proposed solutions on the organization.

Our added value lies in our operational vision of the reality affecting the company. In every project that we undertake, we identify the real needs, we decompartmentalise practices, we dismantle prejudices and we generate a consensus among all the collaborators for them to make a permanent commitment to the proposed solutions. Thanks to this approach, we not only manage to save, but rather we also set in motion a transformation within the companies with which we collaborate.

Not only do we intervene to produce savings, but rather we also create value.

Our main areas of intervention are transportation, logistics, marketing and communication, core business purchasing, packaging and overheads.
Thanks to our presence in France, Brazil, Spain and the UK, we are able to implement major projects for all our clients.