Performance improvement

Improve your performance by avoiding traditional pitfalls.!

Are you Chairman, CEO, CFO, transformation director, director of a profit centre or in a supporting role?

Do you want to improve your performance? Do you want to obtain financial benefits or improve operating performance, service quality or level of practice?

Don't let the usual pitfalls become an obstacle!

Don't focus your attention or resources on the phases of analysis, identification of potential areas for improvement and planning their attainment.

Management consultants are involved mainly in these phases, rather than in the implementation, and for this reason they are very expensive and do not have the know-how required.

Don't view the implementation phase as a mere formality, which at best provides a predisposition to change.

Following such an approach, you run the risk of:

  • Not being able to leverage the true potential areas for improvement (those of two figures)
  • Wasting time and money on unproductive tasks
  •   Paying a high price for a few consultants who will not perform their operational tasks well
  • Discouraging the teams
  • Not achieving lasting results


KLB Group, your partner in implementing your performance improvements

KLB Group supports you in all phases of your project to improve and ensure its implementation, providing all the operational resources necessary.

Unlike management consultants, we do not offer ourselves to lead the change, but rather we implement the change.

This ensures:

  • Extensive use of optimisation tools that really work
  •    Increasing performance by two figures, implemented and long-lasting

Examples of performance improvement projects:

  • Restructuring of an industrial scheme
  • Improved performance of the functions of purchasing, supply chain, IT
  • Development of an economic culture within the ISD
  • Outsourcing of purchases
  • Supply chain management service centre
  •   Performance optimisation of infrastructure through the performance industrialisation and innovation of the supplier

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