Hydroptère Pacific crossing – Day 12: he reached Honolulu today!


The Hydroptère crossed the finish line! 




After 12 days the Hydroptère reached Honolulu, this Friday 3rd of July.

Leaving Los Angeles on Monday 22 June, the Hydroptère arrived in Honolulu after the crossing of more than 2215 nautical miles (4102 kilometres). 

The Hydroptère becomes the first flying trimaran with hydrofoils to cross an ocean. This historical moment paves the way for the development of sailboats with hydrofoils. Formely limited to high performances on a flat sea –  like the America's Cup ships – the sailboats with hydrofoils are now going to fly offshore.

Transpacific record was not beaten. The nowind conditions during the crossing did not allow the triamaran to reach its cruising high speeds. "The crossing should have been a lot shorter but, after the second day, we were forced to make a major detour at the South to avoid a large patch of marine debris. Without the detour, our boat could break. But we clocked up some top speeds of 35 knots during the first days. It was obviously frustrating but we had to make a choice" said Alain Thébault.