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Our mission, making your projects a success 

KLB is an international consulting firm specialised in  operational performance for almost 30 years 





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+25 years



of experience in making 
our customers’ projects a success

KLB at a glance

With our mix of skills –expertise, flexibility– we support our clients in defining and carrying out their projects from end to end: consulting, production and operational deployment of the identified solutions.

Our expertise

Procurement, finance, information 
technology, human resources and 
supply chain… We work with our 
clients of all sizes, both private and 
public, in France and internationally, 
to enhance their performance 
through pragmatic and innovative 

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Operational Assistance 

Project management, skills 
development, replacement during 
long-term absences, management 
of a peak workloads...

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Operational Consulting 

Refocusing the activity of a support service, improving the performance of business processes, accelerating  digitalisation… 

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Performance Plan

Help the members of your 
Procurement or Finance team 
progress by joining a KLB Group 
project team! Our mission: to 
identify and… 

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Transition management

Business continuity, crisis management, implementing a large-scale project, transformation, restructuring, change of process or tool… 

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Partially or completely outsourcing 
certain operational tasks in the field of Procurement, Finance, IT & HR

Our areas of expertise 



Professional conversation between man and woman

Join us &
boost your career!

  • A collaborative and friendly work environment.

  • Innovative, stimulating and meaningful projects.

  • Varied projects thanks to our vast client portfolio.

  • Opportunities for functional or geographic mobility in France and internationally.

  • A career accelerator: we help you cultivate your autonomy, your 
    initiative and your spirit of intrapreneurship. 

  • Training to develop your knowledge and skills. 

  • Quick development perspectives in a fast growing company.

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