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Our history

KLB was created in 1995 by two founders. In response to the widespread realisation that a large number of projects were failing because they lacked a realistic, operational and pragmatic approach. They set out to build a company that was resolutely different from other consulting firms, capable of supporting its clients in fully realising their projects and enabling them to achieve their goals. KLB supports its clients through the complete realisation of their projects, intervening at every key stage to guarantee success and adherence to schedule.

We are present in 6 countries with upwards of 750 employees. We are proud of this diversity of talent worldwide, which represents our greatest added value and plays a key role in our growth, which has been constant since day one.

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Our values


A company that gives me confidence and trust in me.

At KLB, trust is at the heart of the relationship established with its customers and employees. The company is committed to establishing a climate of mutual trust.
As a customer, KLB is a real vector of peace of mind: it is the assurance of seeing your projects quickly taken care of with the most suitable system.
As a collaborator, KLB allows everyone to shape their own path to success.


KLB, a daily ally.

KLB strives to be present at each stage of a project, focusing on a relationship of geographic proximity, both for its clients and for its employees.
Clients benefit from significant support throughout the projects.
KLB is a company where each employee is recognized, listened to and supported on a daily basis.


A committed partner and employer.

KLB is committed to all of its stakeholders to develop responsible practices, in particular by obtaining labels and certifications.
The company is in a process of continuous improvement to promote operational performance while ensuring the well-being of its employees and its socio-environmental impact.
As an employer, the company cares about the well-being of its consultants, ensuring that they work in optimal conditions to flourish thanks to participatory and local management, as well as real attention paid maintaining a balance between professional and personal life.

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