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KLB announces the acquisition of Alessia, a firm specializing in Human Resources

Neuilly-Plaisance, France, February 6th, 2024

KLB announces the acquisition of Alessia, an expert in the design of Human Resources strategies and tactics on the French market.

At a time when companies are facing a rapid evolution of their activities, with the democratization of new technologies (artificial intelligence, automation, robotization of processes...) and a strong challenge to capitalize on knowledge, KLB continues to broaden its range of offers for support functions by integrating business expertise and in-depth sector knowledge in the field of Human Resources.

Alessia has 20 employees in France who will be joining KLB. With more than 500 recruitments, 300 support missions (consulting) and 500 professional interviews carried out for their customers (outsourcing), the company is developing its capacity to support its customers' strategic Human Resources challenges in a variety of business sectors.

This acquisition marks KLB's first external growth. The company strengthens its presence in France with two new offices, in Nantes and Paris.

"Working together with Alessia, while retaining this strong, market-anchored brand, enables us to support our customers over a wider perimeter and thus better support their growth and transformation projects," emphasized Mathieu Dominguez, KLB's Managing Director. "I am delighted to welcome Alessia's staff to KLB. With our international geographic presence and our multi-sector expertise, we will be able to support and accelerate Alessia's growth. Their skills will enable us to raise the standards we aim to pass on to our teams and customers.

"We share a common corporate culture, common values and a strong taste for intrapreneurship," says Romain Briant, KLB's Director of Staffing France and Canada. "This acquisition is an opportunity for us to consolidate our skills, combine our different areas of expertise and deepen our close collaboration with our customers in France. We look forward to welcoming Alessia's staff to our teams.

"We are delighted to be joining the KLB teams. Together, we're going to develop a robust division bringing together different areas of expertise in order to accompany, develop and provide more global support for all our customers' support function transformation projects. These are also great opportunities for our team to develop skills and offers, which we'll be delighted to share with our customers", added François-Xavier Adam, Managing Director and Alessia partner.

About KLB

Founded in 1995, KLB is an international consulting firm specializing in operational performance. KLB employs 750 people in 6 countries.

Thanks to the diverse talents of its teams and its mix of skills - expertise, responsiveness, agility - the firm supports customers of all sizes (private and public) in all their support functions.

KLB operates in the fields of Purchasing, Finance, Information Technology and Human Resources.

The firm is committed to continuous improvement and entrepreneurship. It relies on geographical and functional proximity to meet the expectations of its employees, partners and customers, both in France and abroad. In fiscal year 2023, KLB passed the €50 million mark, exclusively through organic growth.

About Alessia

Alessia is an expert in the design of Human Resources strategies and tactics on the French market. Alessia employs 20 people in Nantes and Paris, France. The result of the merger of two leading HR consulting firms (Adenine and RPC & Associés), Alessia has been helping customers in industry, the service sector and public administration manage their HR challenges for over 30 years:

- Recruitment and assessment consulting for the search and selection of new talent

- Coaching to manage Mobility, Repositioning and Professional Development

- Consulting and Training to improve managerial, operational and collaborative performance, both individually and collectively.

Our employees are specialized in one or other of our activities:

- HR Consultants, each with specific business, technical or functional expertise,

- Certified psychologists and coaches for our Organizational Strategy Consulting and Coaching solutions.

For more information


Alexandra Szmyt Corporate communication Manager

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